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Saturday, October 17, 2009

FIRST LETTER HOME - Dated October 4, 2009

Dear Family,

I have finally made it to the Ghana MTC. The plane fight was terrible, but I was able to bond with eleven of my fellow missionaries. It was a ten hour flight to Accra. the second we got off the plane, our shirts stuck to us in the humid Accra air. Outside of the airport we were scammed by a huge group of "baggage handlers" looking for tips. They kept saying they were going with us. A few of us dropped twenties to these con men. Lesson learned :) The bus ride was funny because eleven white guys in suits and ties is not a common sight! More than a few heads turned in their cars.

I love it here in the MTC! There are fifty one of us here. A few from America, a few from Ghana, The Congo, and Nigeria. Half are French speaking. there is a love that is indescribable. We greet each other several times a day and there is a certain connection between all of us. All of the Americans have African companions. My companion's name is Elder Nkruma. He is an awesome guy from Ghana. He lives within sight of the Accra Temple. He speaks Twi and his English can be hard to understand, but I'm getting more used to it everyday. I even hear it in my head whenever I read anything. The food for the most part isn't that bad. I can force myself to eat most of it. The hardest part was eating beans mixed with tuna. Some of it I actually really like. I haven't had Fu Fu yet. I just finished a delicious yam dish called Mportor Mportor. Otherwise called mashed yam. It was actually pretty good. If I were to stay here, I would truly get fat!

I'm still dealing with jet lag. Yesterday, I caught myself leaning out of my chair at a 45 degree angle fast asleep during conference. It's getting better though. I have about six more days till I'm fully adjusted. I've slept like a rock the past two nights and I will again tonight. The mornings are annoying because the Africans shake me awake at 5:45a.m. wondering why I'm not up yet. They don't sleep in!

Sorry I'm all over the place, I have a lot I could write about. My letter writing isn't good, but I'll get better. I haven't dealt with too much home sickness yet thankfully, but I'm sure it will come. Soon I have to go down for Conference. The second session begins at eight. It's pure torture cause I can't stay awake in the afternoons. Otherwise I am doing fine. I am safe and healthy and I miss you all. The MTC is great, but I am already excited to get the heck out of here and into the field. I love you and miss you. Hope you are taking care of yourselves.

Elder Harris

P.S. Please save my letters.

Send me stamps!!

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  1. Food is a big deal on missions and especially on other continents where people don't always enjoy the diversity of resources we have here. He may be begging for peanut butter and beef before too long.