Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dear Mother

There may be flooding in Accra but it hasn't rained here for about a week. That day it rained very heavy but it stopped and there was no flooding in Kojokrom. Nothing that isn't normal I guess. As for shoes I haven't been able to wear my boots so I've had to use my other echoes. The fringe around the edge is coming off but I think they will survive. If the rain lets up a little bit I'll be able to use the boots as well. So we are OK but the Internet was knocked out for some reason last week. My companion doesn't email so we just didn't come back till today.

This last week has been very busy as Elder Eriabie and I have started contacting heavily on a day to day basis. I have found that the only way I'll be able to teach him is to tract out people to teach. It's been nice because not only have we found a few very good investigators, they have all progressed at about the same rate allowing my son to teach each lesson over and over again in a given day. He is learning well and will be a good teacher. It's funny to see my own teaching "style" creep into how he teaches.

Elder Eriabie is from Nigeria and is pretty quiet and soft spoken. He isn't shy however and I can tell there is a jokester underneath his quiet exterior. One way I've been able to judge how one I am with my companions is by how we screw around with people. We don't have to say anything when we decide to alter the truth. We just go with each other. My compa also uses his quiet, shy, "I'm a new missionary!" look to help him mess with our member friends. He's a really cool guy. Even though we are pretty quiet together as we walk around, he is starting to open up and with a little time we will be the best of friends.

Training has allowed me to relearn the consecrate yourself to the Lord principle. I've been working harder to give my all to His work. The article in the July Liahona that Elder Holland wrote really hit me in the face. He said we all need a little more of what drove the Pioneers to leave everything they had to follow the Lord. In many ways there are a great inspiration in my life and I'm striving to be more like them.

OK I just started my application for LDS Business College. I did everything I could from here but your going to have to do me a favor. I need you to log on and complete everything I couldn't, mainly submitting my transcripts for Burbank High, Pasadena City College, and Glendale Community College. Also I need you to pay the application fee which is $35. I'm not really sure how to do all this but I don't think it is difficult. You'll probably have to go to the schools and get the information. If this seems too difficult just think of those weary pioneers crossing the plains with handcarts in the snow. Lol, also remember that I love you very much! ;)

We are planning to have a baptism at the end of August. It is my great hope to baptize Porcha's brother Eric. We started teaching him this week and have been able to teach him everyday. He is very open and has been keeping his promises. He says he will try to come to church this Sunday so I know that if he takes us seriously and is willing to keep his commitments, he will come to know our message is true. Then there won't be anything stopping him from being baptized...hopefully. I have faith that we are doing our part so the Lord will do His. There are also some other prospects who look very good and may even be ready by the end of August. We will keep praying then working.

It's been beautifully sunny and cool. There is always a cool breeze off the ocean and it even gets somehow cold at night. It feels like spring in California. The sun still beats me but I'm used to that. I'm enjoying myself again after that short dark period when I was sick and Elder Baron was going home. I'm healthier then I've been a long time and I've been really hungry every day. I think I'm even starting to gain some weight again. If only I had more MEAT! All I eat is bread, spaghetti and starch. Oh well, soon I'll be able to eat whatever I want and I'll have to be careful not to get fat. Hehe, I don't even know if that is possible!

Well I'm going to go now. I had to take some extra time for the application and my poor companion has just been sitting here. I love you all! Keep me in your prayers.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hello Harris Family, this is Elder Haderlie, Elder Harris's Former companion, the other day the internet everywhere was down so unfortunately no one was able to email. Today my companion and I came in but Elder Harris was unable to come in so he wanted me to tell you that he loves you a lot and that he will email on monday. Sincerely Elder Haderlie

Monday, July 11, 2011


Dear Family,

So there's not much to write about really. I was out most of the week with a bad cough/flu thing that destroyed me. I was the worst on Monday when I wrote you and I'm sure it showed up in the email. I felt terrible.

Today we killed Elder Baron who just left for the Mission Home. He came to be with Elder Agama for the last 6 weeks of his mission. He was a way cool guy and this whole week has been so slow because he was going home and I was sick. Now he's gone and I can start steamrolling the weeks. We are still waiting for the call. Elder Thompson just got sent to Kumasi to be with Elder Hernandez so we will get a new Zone Leader. Sorry for that guy. I'll let you know when it happens.

So we finally met President and Sister Shultz. They are a little bit different then I pictured thankfully. They have a quirkiness that I like and they are on FIRE! I would like to see them after three years though. The Sabey's were really ready to go. Especially Sister Sabey. I can't blame them. They had some interviews where we took turns being interviewed by both President and Sister Shultz separately. It was sweet.

Still waiting for the phone call. I guess Elder Thompson won't be with Elder Hernandez after all. Sorry for him. Hernandez is a freaking funny guy. I guess he'll still be in Kumasi with Elder Bunker. I've never met him.

That's sweet that Jeremy gave his first talk as the big boy. I remember his talk at my farewell being like 2 minutes long. It was pretty funny. My little bro is growing up!!

Wow, I don't know what else to talk about. I didn't do anything this week. It has still been raining a lot and it really is a drag. The worst part is the roads that get really muddy and you can't walk anywhere and your pants get filthy when you do. Lately its been this start stop start stop stuff that never ends so you don't know if you'll get beat by the rain or not.

Last night we celebrated with Elder Baron by making Burritos. I made this huge bean stew thing with beans, beef, and chicken and we made our own tortillas with our flour. With it we had delicious Koolaid which made it wonderful. Then I crashed at about 8:30 last night.

I'm nervous for the transfer. Elder Haderlie most likely will go again. I have a good chance of training one of the 16 new Elders. Elder Agama is getting a new companion too. My whole world could change and I'm just sitting in the

I'm training! And Supposedly Elder Haderlie is training in the same apartment. I don't know which area I'll be in. Wow! It's over! I won't know who he is until Wednesday which stinks but whatever. Whoopee! Change! I'm happy too because I'm going to have to work my butt off! Whoo. OK. Another Son. Yes! Now I'll have two lines of posterity. My name will never die! I hope he is either a white guy or a Ghanain that can speak Fanti.

Ok, my time is up and I'm staying in Kojokrom hopefully. I love you all!

Elder Harris

Monday, July 4, 2011

What Goes Up Must Come Down

What goes up must come down.

Don't ask me why but this weekend has been pretty challenging. I know this will drive you crazy but I'm not going to tell you why. Ill just say that I got something that has been floating around and I've been out.

I sure hope the the Shulz's are somewhat cool. Right now I'm really afraid because of the crazy dreams I've had. In one of them a bunch of us were seated around a large metallic table in a square room. In walked President and Sister Shulz but they were crazy looking. President Shulz was big and round and had pointy feat which he used to twirl around the table and sing in a loud booming voice. I don't remember Sister Shulz but I do know she was crazy too. I'm not nervous at all so I don't know what has given me these dreams.

OK I'm sick!! I said it. I can't keep it in, lol. I got this bug that includes a monster cough, loss of appetite and some small fever. My head is pounding right now but at least I feel warm. I wore my suit coat to P-Day and was freezing my butt off in the restaurant we went to to celebrate the Fourth. I'm having a hard time remembering anything else that happened during the week.

We meet the new mission president on Wednesday for our first interview. Transfers will happen next Monday.

I usually use Sunscreen everyday but it doesn't stay on very well. I can't carry it around but I try to use it.

I'm glad you got my letter!

I once tried to give stuff to kids in Achiese. They spread the news and the next I knew I had a lot of little kids at my apartment door asking me for stuff. The one kid I'd give something too would look at me, point to the thing I gave him, and then point to all the other kids. We did give the balloons to some kids though in the end. They popped them in about five minutes.

I'm ready to go home now. Sorry for the crappy email. I'm pretty tired and I need some rest. I'm glad your weekend was awesome! Mine was too despite the crud, lol.

Loves, xoxoxo
Elder Harris

I'm on a roll
I'm on a roll
This time
I feel my luck could change
Kill me Sarah, Kill me again
With love
It's gonna be a glorious day

Pull me out
Of the aircrash
Pull me out
Of the Lake
Cause I'm your superhero
And we are standing on the edge

The head of state
Has called for me
By name
But I don't have time for him
It's gonna be a glorious day
I feel my luck could change

Pull me out
Of the air crash
Pull me out
Of the Lake
Cause I'm you superhero
We are standing on the edge


You should look this song up in my behalf please!

I wuv you! Don't worry about me!