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Monday, November 23, 2009


"Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain..." (John 15:16)

The overall goal for the Ghana Cape Coast Mission is to bring forth fruit that remains by focusing on families, future leaders, member referrals, and less active members. We have no interest in helping people be baptized if they are just going to become inactive.

Over the past few months, the Lord has revealed through President Sabey a series of goals to help strengthen the mission. Evidence of this divine leadership is found in the fact that every goal thus far has been accomplished, sometimes against incredible odds. The Lord's purpose, I think, is to help every one in the mission increase his or her faith and remember that it is only though Him that we can have any degree of success.

The first goal was simple enough: Every missionary was to baptize a family in the space of about 4 to 5 months. This was accomplished without much difficulty.

The second goal proved to be more difficult. In addition to another family, every missionary was to baptize a future leader or a person who speaks english, has a phone, and is self sufficient. During the last week of the goal, it seemed that it would be accomplished. Unfortunately, one companionship's future leader ditched out on his baptism. President Sabey told this discouraged companionship to keep the font filled and the entire mission held a fast. On the last day of the goal, they were teaching a future leader and his family about baptism. At the end of the lesson, they extended the invitation to be baptized and the investigator said yes. Furthermore he agreed to be baptized that very day and the goal was accomplished.

The next goal added upon the first too again. Every missionary was to baptize a family, future leader, and a member referral. This was accomplished with mission fasts again.

The goal before I arrived in Kumasi helped us to prepare for the currant goal we are working on now. It required every missionary to become one with the members in his area by completing 5 service projects and 15 member visits. He was to know 80% of the names in his ward and on top of that he wasn't allowed to accept free meals. These new requirements are still in affect today. This goal has helped change the culture of the church in Western Ghana and has really helped us with our work. According to President Sabey it has also helped us to become more Christ-Like.

Our currant goal is completely new and as far as I understand, is completely unique to our mission. By February 28th, 2010, every companionship is to help a less active member come back to activity and then baptize one of his or her friends. By bringing a less active member and his friend together they can help strengthen each others faith and they will be far more likely to remain active in the church.

I know this goal must be accomplished despite it's difficulty because it comes straight from the Lord. Anyone who has spent anytime with President Sabey knows he is an inspired leader and is completely submissive to the Lord's will concerning this mission. The Lord has prepared a way for all his commandments to be fulfilled so we have faith that we can do this.

Elder Akoki and I have been working very hard with some less active members and their friends. It is interesting to see that they still have very strong testimonies of the church they have been very helpful in the teaching of their investigator friends. I pray that they will begin to come back to church. It is comforting to see that much of the work pertaining to the goal has seemingly fallen in our laps. Most of the less actives we know are friends with a member named Sister Yaa who we just randomly visited one day cause we were in the area. All we did was sing some hymns but it was enough to gain her trust and soon we had a few referrals which are going pretty well. Her own brother Dominique came to church yesterday after a two year absence. It really feels like we aren't leading this work at all, at I think that's the way it should be.

I miss you all at home and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure the couple missionaries are dinner for the District. I'll also be giving my first District Instruction that day. I'm pretty excited!

Elder Harris

On a more personal note:

Hey Momma and Dadda, (this is new)

Today is Monday! As you can see I'm taking a little bit more time this week on the computer as I barely got any last week!

I couldn't look at the pic you sent me. The power is out at the Asokwa cafe so we are in town. I'm pretty sure I will be able to see it next week.

I'm still doing well. Elder Lehr and I both got Christmas stuff and plan on having an amazing dinner one night. We actually cooked our own stew the other day for spaghetti, it was terrible! We had to get some help from Elder Akoki and Elder Adjefio to really make it delicious. I've also been cooking better things like cinnamon toast which is just straight up delicious. So little by little I'm branching out from Indomie.

The work is good. Williams came to church again yesterday and so did a girl we have been teaching for a while names Maa-Abena. We had some baptisms too where I got a pretty good slap of the spirit. Even though I wasn't doing the ordinace (they weren't even my investigators) I was still way excited for them and felt good the rest of day. We were also fasting for the Goal so that really helped.

I think next week I will send my Christmas present. Don't expect any Ghana stuff yet (I might just wait to buy stuff till the end unless I find something really cool). I still think you will like it though.

Elder Jeppesen ran into a scorpion the size of his hand (he's a big kid)! Haha, he totally deserved it. His companion Elder Ikor wanted to take it to the apartment but Jeppesen wouldn't have it. I'm glad he was able to come to Kumasi with me since we have been together since we were roommates in the MTC. We are in the same District.

As for candy, everything is awesome! We have butter here so that's no problem. Sorry but I ate the Cinnamon twizzlers all by my self but I promise to share the other stuff. I'm pretty sure he won't like it any way haha. I also got the Christmas lights, they are pretty awesome. They are really bright too! I'm not sure how much the duty was, I'll go home and check today.

So I love mail, and I write a lot of letters. You can encourage whoever you want to write me. I need Ben Flinder's address too.

So I think I'm running out of time. Sorry I'm all over the place. I can never remember what questions you ask but I try my hardest. Your gonna get some cool letters (if i don't say so my self) from Moi.

I love you both! I miss you both! Dark red is an awesome color (I think...)! Just don't forget the pirates! I got some bleach in my eye the other day and I thought i would soon be a pirate with an eye patch. I also burned myself! TIA.
Theres too much to write about here. I don't think I'll ever be able to write about everything.

Don't worry about me, I'm doing great! Don't forget to write me! Goodbye for now!

Elder Andrew

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