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Monday, October 18, 2010

Dear Family,

First of all your emails were sweet this week. Thank you for the advice, it will really help.

The work this week has really been picking up. I underestimated what an amazing area this really is. Opportunities just kind of come our way when we go out looking for them. It wasn't like that in either Achiese or Asokwa. I've never been so busy before. It's a good thing that Elder Rogers is such an organized guy because it is kind of hard to keep track of all the potential investigators we have met during the past two weeks.

We taught brother Tony during church this week and invited him to be baptized two weeks from now. He is a solid kid and once investigators get to church, the branch pounces on them and makes it impossible to escape. Not that they force them or anything but they are way good at helping my investigators feel welcome and at home. Tony also has his brother and a few friends who are now members so I'm sure that he will feel at home. Nobody else is progressing as quickly but we have a few that seem serious about our message. I don't care about numbers but it feels good to actually report decent averages.

Today we took a trip out to Asokwa. It was really funny because we didn't tell Sister Yaa we were coming. As I walked into their compound, this old woman we saw every day got up, ran over and squeezed me in a big hug. Yeah it was kind of awkward but not as awkward as when the same woman basically punched Elder Lehr in the face. They were all very excited to see us after 5 months. Sister Yaa is still the same as when we left her. She was finally able to receive her patriarchal blessing which was sweet since it was something that we helped her to accept. She always had a hard time trusting anybody and I think we were able to help her a little bit. We also tried to see Brother Kennedy but he wasn't around so we went to see Andy. Andy was the first man I ever taught on my mission outside of the MTC. That seems like so long ago but at the same time it feels like yesterday. He was busy working so we just went to town and took a Tro Tro back to Abuakwa.

We had our Branch Conference this weekend. There is talk about splitting the branch into two instead of making it a ward. I think the problem is space in the rented house we use for a chapel (it also happens to be our apartment). The conference was really lame for us but it was great for the members. Tony came with his brother which was sweet and another investigator named Solomon came. The bishop of Asokwa ward also came with his wife and his son Koffi. Koffi is the most troublesome boy who ever lived but he is also the most loving kid in the world. It was good to see Sister Nicole (the bishop's wife). She was another of my favorite members here in Ghana.

I'm in a pretty good mood this week. The stress is already starting to melt away. Part of me is just realizing that I can't be so concerned about what he thinks of me. (He can be so hard on himself.) Sure I want to be a good example and everything, but if I make mistakes who cares? He will understand when he is the one training a newbie. Also, Elder Rogers is a freaking good missionary. Where I am lacking in anything he picks me up. He might still be learning to teach the lessons, but in everything else is way better then I ever was as a greenie.

Well I'm pretty wasted right now. I'm going home to sleep. Elder Rogers is giving his first instruction in district meeting tomorrow which should be pretty interesting. My first instruction was about prayer. I basically reuse my instructions every time I get transferred so I only have like three or four that I've written out. I've used President Eyring's talk called God Helps the Faithful Priesthood Holder three times now in different settings. I love that talk.

Anyway I'm out of time now. I love you all. I really did like your emails!:)

Love Elder Harris

Songs to remember: Red Oyster Cult, Guster

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