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Monday, October 25, 2010

Epoch P-Day

Dear Family,

This has been a pretty epoch P-day. The Suame elders came out with our district to climb the "mountain," which you can see from our apartment. As we were walking some of us decided that we would take our own way and we just went straight up cross country. It was the most insane bush hiking I've ever done. At one point I was on a rock face with an 8 ft. drop behind me. I was stuck there holding onto a shrub so I wouldn't fall off. Elder Keller threw down some vines to pull me up. I got up and with one hand I was holding this shrub and with the other hand I was holding this vine. I was leaning back when Elder Keller started pulling me up. Then the vine snapped, and I almost went tumbling off this rock which would not have been cool. Luckily I caught myself and another vine got me up to the next flat spot. Finally we made it to the top and had to wade through thick bush to get to the top rock. It was a pretty fun day. The other people made it to the top but their way wasn't as cool. (He is his Father's son.)

The plan was to then ride our bikes to town which would have been insane but we all said forget that. I'm pretty sure more then one of us would have been smacked by a tro tro or two. Maybe we'll do it next week;)

This week has been pretty normal. More and more people keep getting added to our teaching pool. Only one is very serious at this point but with time we will find some more. People just come to us most of the time. Aseyeboa's chapel is right on the road so every time someone just shows up to their church we get a referral. Tony expressed (bear with me if I'm repeating myself) the joy that he feels when we come to teach him and every time he opens the Book of Mormon. He was such a random contact it makes me smile to know he is progressing. It can happen!

Yesterday I went to church in my suit jacket. We live underneath the chapel so it wasn't a problem at all. I started greeting people in the chapel and one older man looking really surprised said simply "Elegant!" Brother Emmanuel and Afriyie were confirmed. I always love it when my recent converts receive the Holy Ghost because there is always a marked difference in how they respond to our teaching. They always understand everything better then ever before. Those who were a little bit stubborn are always a little bit more humble and submissive. It is a sweet feeling to know they are progressing.

I get made fun of here because I say sweet too much. You may experience this when I return. I blame Elder Ekaette.

It's raining there huh? It's still raining a lot here every night. We were afraid that it was going to rain on Sunday and nobody would have come for their confirmations. It sounds nice there though. Don't you ever get sick of all the sunshine? I've had enough sun to last me 20 years. The funny thing is I'm way tan from the neck up and the elbows down.

I am freezing my butt off in this internet cafe:(

All right so I figured I should start preparing your heart now while there is still plenty of time. Elder Vanchiere owns a big house boat down at Lake Powell. We figure that the longer we wait the colder the water will be. So, all of our MT's will be heading out there a week or two after we come home. How long? A few days. How much? I'm not sure yet. It will be a lot of fun though.

As for Christmas I do need some certain things. Well, my camera died this week:( Why, I'm not sure but it stinks. Something is wrong with the lens I think. I couldn't think of a better Christmas present though! I also need socks. And conference audio (if your feeling generous). Mostly I just need the camera. I put all my photos on a CD so they should be on their way soon, possibly next Monday. You have two choices for the camera: Casio Exilim 12.1 mega pixels or Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS 12.1 mega pixels. Whichever is better for you:) Beggers can't be choosers but I guess it doesn't hurt to give you options. THANK YOU:)

Freak I'm cold!

Will they really eat a little dog?

I'm sad you didn't get to see Gene Simmons. I think Jeremy saw him once or am I mistaken?

The power went out one night this week and it just happened to be the one FREAKING hot night of the week. I suffered all night long.

The crazy people are progressing small small. This one lady gives us these crazy looks that always make me feel way uncomfortable but she is still cool.

Well that's all for now. I'm going to sleep. Mark this as one of the best P-days ever in Ghana.

I love you all!
Elder Harris

Ps. OH YEAH! I got your package! It was way cool. The music was awesome. Elder Mbong loves it. There's this one song that I love where there's all this screaming and then one guy just beats on this giant drum: AHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHAHHHHBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM. It was sweet. :) Thank you so much! (I have no idea what he is talking about. Jeremy did you stick one your CD's in there?? - haha.)

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