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Monday, November 1, 2010


Hello momma,

It sounds like your week kind of stunk. Sorry:( To brighten your spirit, someone told me a while back that I'm a guy who loves his momma and I would like to confirm that statement. I love you mom! I couldn't ask for a better.

Last night was Halloween. They don't celebrate Halloween here in Ghana so we had to make the best of it by buying a bunch of candy and minerals. We spent the night playing scum and talking doctrine with our beloved zone leaders. We had this great idea where we would dress up with werewolf masks and run around town. People would FREAK OUT. We would be sure to stay far from the church though, lol. Too bad the idea came too late:( I haven't had so much sugar in a very long time though and I went to bed feeling sick.

Last week we had a pretty average week. We put in some good numbers but nobody is really progressing except for Tony. We are hoping he will be baptized on the 14th. It all depends on what is going on with the Branch. Tony is progressing well. He already has a brother in the church and friends who live in the same house. He comes to church every week and he keeps his commitments. Go contacting!

Yesterday I dropped an investigator named Fosua. It was the first time that I actually had the opportunity to tell someone we can't come and visit them anymore. It was so awkward! It needed to be done though since she has been taught everything by the former elders and she still won't come to church. She thinks the teachings are good (i hear that a thousand times a day) but she isn't willing to act on them so if we teach her more we only will bring more condemnation. It was hard but liberating at the same time.

On Thursday we took a trip over to Stadium so that Elder Vanchiere could check it out. While I was there, I decided to head over and visit Sister Esther. When I knocked on the door, Sister Deborah (Elder Akoki's recent convert) and with big eyes said, "wow!" Hiding behind the door was Esther who freaked out and squeezed me in a big bear hug (she is no small woman). She was way excited to see us. It helped me to see that there is purpose to my being here in Ghana and the joy we helped bring these people is worth the pain. Esther is doing fine and is still active which makes me happier then I deserve since I had lost hope in her.

Today we received transfer news and Elder Vanchiere is leaving us which freaking sucks. The apartment will still be fun but it will back to normal mission fun (reading...). Elder Rogers is still with me which is sweet and I'm told Elder Pinnell is coming up to Kumasi. My father Elder Akoki is now an AP which blows my mind. It will be sweet because we'll be able to proselyte with him when he comes on splits. I love Akoki and it will be sweet to see that cioa french man again. Everything else is still the same for now.

Tomorrow I will have 11 months to go. This has been the fastest month yet on mission. Oh how I hope and pray I stay in this are for a long long long time. My companion is awesome. My Mt's are here. It's my hope that I will stay at least four more transfers and then finish my mission as a junior companion. That would be the best scenario:)

Well I'm pretty tired from a long day playing football and eating Fu-fu. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I'm just not feeling it. Today I was feeling it then a little rumble in my tummy told me that I wasn't. One day we were returning home when some guy yelled WHITE MAN and called us over. Usually that's the cue to ignore them but something told me not to so we walked over and introduced ourselves. He offered us a chair and we started our little opening. I said something like this: "We are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ and we have a message that is for everybody. The message is too long to share in just one visit so we would like to come back to visit you another day because you never know when an earthquake could come." I had intended to share our first discussion but my tummy decided that would be a bad idea. Earthquake is our code word for you know what's happening we need to get the frick back to the apartment. The guy we contacted didn't even notice. We took his number and rushed home.

That happens from time to time but at least I haven't pooped my pants yet (knock on wood). Elder Holmes did last week. Haha.

I'm going to go to bed now. I love you all! I hope you all had a great Halloween.

Love, Elder Harris

Ps. I love you Dad!

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