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Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear Family,

April! April! Shout it out on the rooftops It's April! Did they have General Conference yesterday? Third one down!

On the last day of March, I received a call from Elder Holmes in Kumasi. He informed me that there were about twenty transfers happening on the 1rst right in the middle of the transfer period. It was really random and I sat there wondering what the heck! Everyone in Kumasi was scrambled around and Elder Wright the AP was released to boost an area. I'm not really sure what happened but President knows what he is doing. Sekondi only had one transfer though. Elder Asiedu was transfered to his first area and Elder Jeppesen is now our zone leader. I jumped in the area and let our a WHOOOPIEEEEE when I heard the news. Not that I dislike Elder Asiedu or anything but It's sweet to be near Elder Jeppesen again after a whole year apart. We were together from the beginning you know! Elder Rogers is now in Asouyeboah with elder Wright and Holmes is now in Assin Fosu North. A pity they didn't come here but I will deal. Now all I need is Elder Pinnell to get transferred from Boulkrom to here and I my joy will be full!

My companion and I are doing well despite the challenges of a slow area. This area is actually becoming slower then Asokwa was, just we are more one with the members. They really like Elder Haderlie and I so I hope we stick together till the end. The odds aren't very good for Elder Haderlie though. Porchia has been working on getting us referrals but the problem is they are just people who live in her compound who happen to see us everyday. She hasn't talked about the church to them and none of them are very interested at all. We hardly get passed the Promise Pattern before they disappear. It's a good thing she is trying though. We have one good progressing investigator who has come to church and seems interested in baptism but he's freaking hard to meet because of his work. He has missed two appointments this week and didn't come to church so I'm worried about him. We are trying though. I don't have much hope for a baptism this transfer though. Maybe early next transfer.

Sorry for Phoebe. Someone should have told her that Fox tails are dangerous to sniff. She should just say NO! I think that it would be sweet to have a pirate dog. I love pirates! One member named Gifty told us she was having trouble understanding one of her class books so we offered to help her read. It happened to be Treasure Island and we went through two chapters with her. We got to the part when Bill had his stroke and the blind man came and gave him the black spot. I was so tempted to ask if we could borrow it just for a night but I didn't. I love that book though. I miss novels in general.

Elder Hadelie and I have been surviving on almost nothing but Eba this week. Eba is made by mixing hot water and Gari (grinded up Casava). We eat it with Ground Nut soup which is amazing. Haderlie is gonna teach me how to make it today or tomorrow and I'll have to come home and make it for you. It can be eaten with Fu Fu, Eba, Rice Ball or pretty much anything you like. We could probably put it on mashed potatoes or something. Eba is freaking cheap and if I survive on it with rice and tomato stew I should be able to live off sub this week. I'm trying to save the money you gave me for some souvenirs. Don't be surprized when I don't come home with much though cause President Sabey cracked down on it last week. The big problem is African elders saving subsistence money and using it to buy nice shoes, clothes, blenders, i-pods, speakers, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It's ridiculous really but President is doing a good job of eliminating the problem without being too strict about it. He doesn't want to turn this missionary experience into a merchandise opportunity. I will buy some things though that will remind us all of Mother Africa!

A package? I knew it because today was the last day they took money out of my sub to pay for duty! Don't worry though I can deal with it. Ummm, it's so hard to try to think of things for you to send me. I ran out of seasoning salt and that was sweet to have. The tomato sauce packs are awesome too. What about a York Peppermint patty? Oh wow. Or a whole cheesecake? Maybe that won't work:( That would be really nice to have when I come home though. A nice big cheese cake with a copy of the Good The Bad and the Ugly or Pale Rider to watch. Air conditioning (not too high) and a couch that is actually soft and not made of foam. Then we can all take a nice long nap and watch UEFA Champions League in HD! All right! Sorry I zoned out for a second. You can definitely take some pictures of stuff and put them in their with letters and sparkly disdangs!

So I'm not thinking too much of coming home but pretty soon we will have to talk about school a little bit. I want to start in January but I don't know if I will have the time to sign up and get everything I need done by then. If worse comes to worse I will go up to Utah to work and maybe just attend a community college owned by the Church in Salt Lake with Tracy. I'll need your help with some things though before I come home. We'll talk about it in the near future but If you like you can look into UVU for me. Costs, courses ext. I really don't know what to look for but you can focus on Generals. Thank You!

Well I'm running out of time. I forgot my chord so no pics sorry! It's a beautiful rainy day outside and I'm ready to get out of Takoradi. Have a sweet day! I love you!

Elder Harris
AKA Bloody Bill Williams

Ten dead sailors on the shipwrecks bow
Yar Ye Matey YO HO!

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