Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dear Mom,

I did get the letter and I filled it out and sent it a week or two ago. It will take time cause I sent it through the pouch. Sorry but I didn't know. I also told them that they would have to call you to get the addresses to my schools and a copy of the registration form for the Nissan Altima. Maybe the Lord will just smite them for us. Just kidding...

I've been sick all week. I've been able to get out and work everyday but eating has been difficult. Even when I get anywhere close to full I get nauseous. Sister Sabey had me take a worm medication and I'm on antibiotics for some other problems too. I just miss feeling normal! There's always something wrong with me.

On Saturday Elder Haderlie and I went down to the chapel to do some yard work. Mowing here is an experience. The mower is old and we don't use a bag and the grass is very thick in places. It doesn't have a gear to pull you along so you just have to push and pull with your might, trying not to go too fast or the mower will jam and shut off. We did the entire field around the chapel and by the end my hands were bruised but we enjoyed the extra work. It sure beats machetes. At one point Isaac Blanksten started yelling and swinging his machete around. There was a snake in the grass! He screamed and took it out with the machete. I came running over to see what scared him so bad and I saw a snake that was about 6 inches long and less then a centimeter thick. Ghanains are so afraid of snakes! They prefer big spiders to small snakes. I just laughed at him.

This week I had a dream where I actually took control of the dream. I layed back on my bed and fell asleep without knowing it. I still felt like I was looking at the ceiling when I heard dogs outside. I hoped up onto my bed and jumped over my fan just as a big dog broke into the room. I shot it from the air with a shot gun and ran out of the house as more dogs went after Elder Haderlie in the next room. I realised I was dreaming so I ditched Elder Haderlie and jumped into the air to fly away. It was hard to push my body up at first but then I started speeding up and before I knew it I was high in the atmosphere and I could see the curve of the earth. Then I started to level out and I lost control. I started to plummet face first toward the earth. I felt all the sensations of falling a long distance; the drop out and everything. I managed to get my feet under me though and I landed hard in a baseball field somewhere near some corn. I thought the landing would wake me up but it didn't. That's all I can remember!

Perry is going to Ohio? That's pretty sweet! You're right that it doesn't matter where you serve, the work is always difficult. I used to think that If I could just get to the right area, I would get a lot more people to join the church. I was wrong. It all has to do with how hard you work and the people's own agency. I could be the best missionary in the world and not baptize a single person. It happens all the time in Europe and other places. He will enjoy himself. I'm proud of that guy. Send him my greetings.

We watched Priesthood session on Saturday again. I'm just amazed at the power that the First Presidency has. If you can send me a copy of the ensign that would be sweet so that I can give the one we get from the mission away. I'm going to try avoiding the three dreaded W's: Worried, Worrying, and Whining. I also liked how President Monson pretty much told all the marriage age young men to just grow up and get married. I love all three of them and I pray that the Lord will lift them up in their callings.

We still have two investigators who have been going to church at Sekondie but can't get enough time to meet with us. They told Elder Newbold that starting next week they will come to Kojokrom and meet with us. We should be able to teach them and get them baptized pretty quick since they've been coming to church regularly. I wonder what got them going in the first place. Hopefully we'll find out this week. We also found out that our goal candidates have harder challenges to overcome then we expected. President Sabey is now helping us but we are going to start working on a back up in another area. We will try our hardest to send Edward and Felicity to the temple though. They are wonderful people and I wish the Stake would take their sealing a little bit more seriously but I also realize that the stake president has a lot of crud on this table to solve. It's not easy being a leader here in Ghana where the church is relatively new and there are so many mistakes to fix. We'll continue praying and doing all we can to help. God wants this goal to be accomplished and I've seen him work mighty miracle in our behalf. The thing that amazes me though is not the big things he does but the small, very tiny, minute things that He can do that change lives and eternities. Lately I've been more and more amazed by the sheer power of the atonement. That one Man could take upon Himself every single horrible thing that world of people have felt blows my mind. It is a wonderful thing.

That would be sweet if you could check out the college for me. I would just like to know what I would need to do to get in by January. Also, did you ever get any paperwork for renewing my driver's license? It expires in August and I would like to avoid taking another test. I'm not sure but I think the accident might effect that though.

Well I'm out of time. Pray for me! I love each of you and I hope that they get my letter. Please tell them it may take some time. I hope it didn't get lost. I love you all!

Love Elder Harris

Lord, please, don't forsake me
In my Mercedes Benz
All riches and the ruins
We all know how that story ends

Strange Apparition
Haunting my brain
Standing on the cross hairs
Of a dream that walked away

When you Lord, Rings my front Door
And asks me, what I've got to show
Besides the dust, In my pockets
And the things that just eat my soul

Strange Apparition
Haunting my brain
Standing on the last legs
Of a dream that got cremated

The Things I had to look on
Is the least I seem to care
If anything could make you happy
Then nothing could ever make you scared
We'll be on the shoreline
When that heavy ship goes down
Did you think you were lucky?
Well you should see yourself now

Strange Apparition- BECK

Ps. Pray for our water to come back on!

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  1. Noel,

    I am not sure who Perry is but I live in the Ohio Columbus mission if that is where he's going.