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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hello family!

This week has been pretty typical for me. Nothing is really happening here in Kumasi that isn't in the norm. I was able to send letters for both Mom and Dad on thursday, so be excited.

Rain hasn't really started here yet but we have gotten some clouds and 'cold' wind. This just makes it feel way hotter when the wind goes away which stinks. I can't wait for the rainy season.

I was able to go on splits for the first time with Elder Adjei on tuesday night. I switched places with Elder Holmes for a night and a day and roamed the streets of UST. I really like to talk to the older missionaries who are going home soon. I like to hear there experiences and they usually teach me a lot. Elder Adjei is our District Leader and he is a really cool guy. He is from Ghana so many of our lessons that day were in Twi but it wasn't so bad being able to take a rest from talking. It was also the first time in a few months being away from the Asokwa Elders which was kind of wierd. It gave me some confidence about leaving Asokwa one day. I know I'll be all right wherever I go. I just pray that my companions are as cool as Elder Akoki or Elder Adjei.

We had Interviews with President this week and it was awesome as usuall. President has a way of picking up our spirits and giving us the motivation we need to get through our missions. President Sabey is probably one of the most powerfull men I have ever met. What he has done in this mission is beyond different and amazing. I would not be surprised if he becomes a general authority one day. I can't describe the feeling that comes as I sit and listen to his advice or counsel every time we have an Interview. I really wonder how I will cope with a new mission president when he leaves three months before I do.

Elder Akoki and Elder Lehr both gave talks in Sacrament Meeting this weekend. It was Elder Akoki's first talk ever in the English language and he did a really good job. I was lucky cause I've been suffering from a cold and I was really exhausted on Saturday morning so Elder Lehr got stuck with the talk. Sorry for him... I'm probably the one who missed out the most though.

Only one more week till we get transfer news. Next tuesday we are all taking a bus down to Cape Coast for our mission conference with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. Whoever is being transfered there won't come back. Once again Elder Akoki thinks that he is leaving, but in our interviews President didn't give any hints. He did ask Elder Akoki how long he had been in Asokwa. Elder Akoki replied almost 9 months. President laughed and said thats not a long time at all, just look at Elder Kemokai. Kemokai is now in his second area of his entire mission and he is going home in two transfers. Not only is it his second area, he has always been in Kumasi. We don't know if President is playing some joke on Akoki or if he's seriously going to be here for a while. I wouldn't be much surprized either way.

We finally were able to get a hold of our crazy golden contact Jerry. I really feel like we can help him get through whatever it is he is going through. If he keeps reading the Book of Mormon and he comes to church again I know for sure that he will come to know its all true.

I dreamt I was done with my mission again. This time I was happily married and had four children. How wonderfull! I wish I could dream of other things from time to time.

Phoebe the Dog seems to be growing up nicely. Its going to be nice coming home to a new dog with the hard work of training her over. I'll just be able to enjoy the benefits. Who knows though she might hate me. I pet the first dog I was willing to touch in Africa this week. This one actually came up to me in on a rich man's porch and sniffed my hand. I couldn't resist.

Don't worry about telling me you miss me. You can tell me anything you wan't really. You are my parents:)

So I'm running out time:( We have to clean the apartment for the Kiffer's Inspection tomorrow.

Thanks for the shirts:) Theres nothing really else that I NEED. lol, just feel free to send me anything you think I would need:)

I love you guys!
Elder Harris

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  1. sorry to interfere but I need help. Hi my name is Mary and I live in Hayward California... my brother is in Ghana mtc right now. I doubt if you know him he goes by Elder (Katoa)... Well my question is for your parent how do they send stuff out to Elder Harris?
    Do you guys just send it on the reqular mail? Is it safe? please let me know. my email address is tristansalesi@aol.com

    thanks in advance.