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Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm so glad!

Good Afternoon! Don't worry, I have been getting your emails. Sorry if I haven't been very good at replying, I just tend to forget after writing the emails. I've been getting pretty tired too (seems kind of early for that) so i've been a bit lazy with my letters. I'll try to do better:)

The Weather here has been pretty hot (figures). The only differece is that it has been more dry so the white men have been loving it. In the mornings it actually get pretty cool and Elder Akoki acts like he's freezing his butt off. I told him he would die in the U.S. Rain would be nice. I'm getting pretty sick of the weather here. At least I'm not sweating as much:)

So my companion and I have been really busy this past week. Its been a really annoying sort of work too. Ever since our splits with our zone leader Elder Kemokai, none of our appointments have been working out. Instead of teaching lessons, we have been walking back and forth all day every day. Oh well, I don't mind. I'm just freaking tired every single day.

We had some awesome news from Cape Coast on Friday. On February 23rd, we will be having the mission's 2nd Mission Coference ever. Everyone in the Kumasi area will be shipped down to Cape Coast on a bus. This will be my first time seeing most of the missionaries in the mission. We are all very excited because we found out that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Twelve will be coming to Cape Coast for a visit!

We had a big funeral at the Asokwa church building for the late patriarch of the Kumasi Stake. They like funerals way too much here in Ghana but I didn't expect that they would do the same in the Church. The service was good and pretty normal but they also dedicated the Sunday service to talking about the late patriarch

I think I forgot to mention that last week we got to see the Ashanti King near his palace. We had gone to the museum there and they were having some weekly meeting. The King was getting carried around underneath huge, colorful umbrellas.

So nothing else is really going on right now. I'm still doing fine. Tomorrow is my four month anniversary here in Ghana. These months have gone by pretty fast.

I love you and Miss you. I don't really need anything I don't think. I'll let you know if I need money for something. I think theres plenty still in the bank. Theres nothing really worth buying here though. We'll see I guess. I wear my boots everyday except when I'm in a meeting. They are the best shoes I've ever walked in. I'm pretty sure they will last me for the whole two years:) You could send me some t-shirts though:)

All right so have a great week!

I'm so glad!
I'm so Glad!

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