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Monday, January 25, 2010

"You may not know a lot, but you know enough."

This week we had our first Zone Conference of the year. President Sabey gave us a summarry of some the things the mission was able to do in 2009. He talked a lot about the goals and wrote the following:

"My reflections on this past year have led me to revise my thinking. We are not engaged in 'Miracle Assisted Missionary Work.' We are engaged in 'Missionary Assisted Miracle Work!' The Lord has said, 'This is MY work...to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.' This is not our work. He has shown us that it is his work and that He is very good at doing it. We are so privileged to assist Him in the miracles he is performing in the lives of our brothers and sisters in Ghana."

"Although we do not pursue numerical goals, you may be interested that in 2009, the missionaries of the Ghana Cape Coast Mission baptized 1,032 souls. President Snow's prophetic vision of missionaries with the faith to baptize thousands is unfolding."

"Of greater importance than the number of baptisms is the quality of the converts. The vast majority of those baptisms were families, future leaders, and member referals. They are the fruits that are likely to remain. The last quarterly report showing percentage of recent converts attending Sacrament Meeting in our mission showed that 87% of our recent converts attend Sacrament Meeting. That is fruit that is remaining!!!"

This week the Lord has pesonally showed me that this is HIS work and not mine. This week we met my first real "Golden Contact."

This week was hard. Many of the people we have been teaching are no longer serious so many of our appointments have been failing. Because of this we have been doing a lot of contacting, which is not fun at all. Last Thursday, EVERTHING went wrong ALL DAY LONG.

What I didn't realise is that we were slowing but surely being led to one particular spot at one particular time. If we had spent two more minutes at the Bishop's house, or a few seconds longer with Brother Andy, we would have missed him.

Elder Akoki and were walking along after another failed appointment with a less active. As we approached a fork in the road, we had to decide what to do. We were both TIRED and not very excited about contacting. We could easily have decided to return to Brother Andy's where Elder Lehr and his companion were going to teach a lesson. Instead we both decided to keep going. After wasting ten minutes with a contact who wanted nothing to do with us, we walked out of her compound into the road where we started that spinning motion associated with not knowing where to go. Neither my companion noticed a young man named Jerry who was returning from school but he noticed us. To our surprize he asked us if we were Latter Day Saints and we told him yes we are. It turns out that he had been given a Restoration Pamplet by a friend who didn't really care about the gospel and he had read it over and over again. As we sat down with him, he explained perfectly the details of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We didn't have to teach anything. When we asked him what he thought about it, he replied saying that the pamplet told him he needs to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it before he can really know it is true.

The next day we gave him a Book of Mormon and by Saturday evening he had read eleven chapters. When I asked him to tell me what he learned, I had to keep myself from laughing as he described all eleven chapters in detail better than I ever could. He then asked us if he could come to church on Sunday.

I have never seen someone who was this prepared to recieve the gospel. If anything had worked differently that day, we would have never seen him and he would still be searching for the truth. The Lord know how to do His work. We are just here to gain some experience for ourselves while we have the time.

I am so happy to be here in Ghana at this particular time and this particular place. I have a great companion and great roommates who help me through the hard times and lift me up when I fall down. I have been able to meet some of the most wonderfull people in the world and teach them about the gospel. I have never realized the joy the gospel can bring to a person's life.

I've only been on my mission for four months now and I hope to see a lot more as the time goes by. I am truly blessed with more than I can ever deserve.

I love you all and miss you!


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  1. WOW! Awesome story, Elder Harris! It's a great lesson in reminding us that this truly is the Lord's work! :)