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Monday, January 18, 2010


So this week I started my third transfer in Asokwa. Thankfully nobody got transfered in our entire zone so Elder Akoki is going nowhere. Once again this was a pretty slow week because it was my turn to get sick. Sister Sabey had me on malaria meds but I don't think it was that bad. I was out for 3 days though. It sucked hard core.

The African Cup of Nations started this week in the world of football so if you want to go contacting around 4 or 6 in the PM you can FORGET. Football is part of life here and we have to adjust to fit in. The Ivorians played Ghana on friday and killed them 3-nill. It was funny to see Elder Akoki hold in his emotions everytime they scored. We spent the night with a man named Kennedy in our ward. We go to visit him every once in a while, he really doesn't have any friends and just sits in his house everyday reading or watching movies. He loves it everytime we are there. He's a pretty funny guy. He always wants to 'cool our hearts' with a coke.

Now that we are done with the goal, we have given our backup goals to Elder Lehr and ELder Clemmens. Soon the whole district will have completed the goal and I have no doubt that the whole mission will complete the goal by the end of Febuary. For us, we have been trying to find more people to teach in our immediate area. Contacting is really a pain but it gives us experience and that is really what this mission is about. I've been told the average person baptized has been contacted 8 times. Sometimes we just do it to waste time.

So I'm pretty sure that Akoki will leave this next coming transfer so I've been trying harder prepare myself to live without my traineer. I've realised how easy it is to just follow him around but that wouldn't help me at all. I pray I won't have to train in five weeks but you never know in this mission. President Sabey does whatever the Lord tells him to do. No questions asked.

This week Elder Lehr ran into a crazy person who apparently knows who Elder Akoki and I are. He told them they were so powerfull that they could freeze the whole northern half of Africa and that their skin could not be peirced by mosquitos. As they were walking along to find a car back to Asokwa, he kept following them and everybody thought they were all crazy. When he got on the tro tro and the door closed he told everybody THAT MAN IS CRAZY. Everybody was cracking up. Well at least they don't think he's our friend. I just don't want to run into him any time soon.

So we are still working hard and the time is flying by. We are teaching Williams about the priesthood and soon he should be ordained a priest. We have dropped a bunch of people lateley but hopefully we will be able to find some serious investigators. Elder Akoki thinks the next goal will be a Family but we won't know for a while.

Thats all for now! Hope everything is all right back home! I love you all and miss you!:)

Elder Harris

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