Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, January 11, 2010


Hello! Sorry for making you wait so long. About half way through my powerful, weekly report on my doings in the continent of Africa, I accidentally blinked and all the power in Kumasi shut off. Don't worry I'm holding my eyes open with some staples I found on the floor of my apartment.

I hope everyone had a great new year! Mine was pretty funny cause there were a bunch of drunk people at Yaa's place who were dying to dance with a white man. I would just yell YEAHHHH in their face and they would usually go away.

This whole week Elder Lehr and Elder Akoki were dying in bed from some sort of African Flu that kept them there for four days. Elder Clemmens and I were stuck in the apartment with them. It was pretty horrible. Luckily I didn't catch whatever they had and my health is still good.

Even though we didn't really do anything last week, our goal was completed yesterday when Paulina came to church and William was confirmed a member of the church. Its perfect timing cause transfers are this Wednesday and there is a good chance Elder Akoki will leave. We will find out tonight. We pretty much gave up on Dominik. We just found out that he is having some problems we didn't know about. We are still figuring out how to help him but the situation is a little bit touchy. Hopefully we can figure it out.

Everything else is going just fine. I just got your package today! Elder Akoki was really happy about the baton. He had totally forgotten about it. He was taking pictures and stuff with it, haha. I guess its really hard to get one here in Africa. Thanks for all the other stuff too. Gushers are awesome! The picks and strings will really help too. I've been playing improvised chords with only 5 strings using a pick that feels like it was cut from a piece of paper. Thanks a lot! I also got some more mail from like a month ago.

So thats all for now. Sorry for not being around last week. Just remember TIA. I love you all! BYEBYE!!

Elder HARRIS AKA White Tiger Bruni (this is a joke between Andrew and his uncle Kevin)

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