Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, December 21, 2009


This has been a pretty cool week. Dominik came to church again so we only need him to come one more week for the goal. Williams will be baptized hopefully on January 3rd, 2010. Even though none of our other investigators came, we are still on track for the goal.

Last Friday, we had a special Zone Conference for Christmas. President Sabey spent about an hour and a half teaching us about the Doctrine of Christ's birth in the flesh. He also talked about Mary, Joseph, the Wise men, and the Shepards. At different intervals we would sing Christmas hymns. We then had a huge ghanain meal that was awesome. We were all given cool kinte(not sure how to spell it) ties with GCCM on them and a ghanain symbol that represents God. We also were given a lot of cookies. It was pretty sweet.

On Saturday, the Kumasi Stake had an Christmas Carol night where each ward got up and sang some songs and quoted scriptures about Christ. Our Ward did very well and even got special recognition from the Stake President at the end of the night (kind of a smack in the face to the other wards if you ask me). The missionaries were also asked to sing a couple songs at the end of the program. We sang our own mission song, "Ghana Cape Coast Mission," which is based on Adam-Ondi Aman, followed by "The First Noel." As we sang the very last note of The First Noel, the power went out and the room became pitch black. Everyone in the audience was yelling and clapping their hands as we left the stage in the dark. I guess were just too powerful:)

So Kumasi is pretty quite despite the fact that it's Christmas season. Nobody has any decorations except some places in town. I guess they just can't afford it. They still love it though and we should have some fun on Christmas day. We will be cooking a meal for Sister Yaa's Family. Somebody asked President Sabey if the missionaries will be allowed to have FM's on Christmas and he told us that he had an immediate impression to say yes. But only if the missionaries were providing the free meal. It should be cool. We are making French toast.

These next two Christmases will be very special for me. They will be only two where I will be representing the Lord as a full time missionary. This will be an awesome opportunity to provide service to the people I have been called to minister. I will probably never have this opportunity again so I will make the most of it.

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