Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, December 14, 2009


This has been an awesome weekend for Elder Akoki and I. We went on Zone Leader Splits with Elder Mason and contacted a whole lot of people. After teaching one of our investigators, Elder Mason muttered that we should sweep the whole compound and without asking grabbed a broom. All at once every person in the compound freaked out and started screaming at us to stop. One person was trying to tell us that in Africa NOBODY sweeps at night. This is absolutely ridiculous of course (my companion is an African) and we finished the whole compound. They thanked us and we felt pretty good about it. I finally felt like a true missionary. I was reminded of a missionary I met in Ensenada, Mexico named Elder Cook. While we were contacting we came upon a bunch of guys digging a big hole. Without hesitating, Elder Cook jumps in the hole with his Priesthood clothes and a shovel and starts digging like a mad man. The guys were stunned and wanted to know who the heck we were. Of course we were kind enough to tell them we were missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Elder Mason reminded me a little bit of Elder Cook.

Yesterday, everyone were were expecting to come to church actually came. Williams was there fifteen minutes early, Francis came with his brother Dominique, Abdela came with his ten year old son, and Maa Abena came with us. It was pretty awesome.

Theres not too much else going on. We are working with the Asokwa bishopric to find more less active members. There are over 400 in the ward but most have moved or traveled. Hopefully we will be able to find some more people to help. Christmas is coming fast and we have a special Zone Conference on Friday. It should be pretty sweet.

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