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Monday, April 19, 2010


..just kidding.

This week I spent 5 hours standing in an even worse hospital than the one at Tech just to spend ten minutes being told to just drink water and don't worry about a cyst in your kidney. Well I hope he knows what he is talking about. Everything is fine now that I actually passed the stone. I even got to play some football and volleyball today with the zones. All I have to do now is drink like 5 liters of water everyday and I should be fine.

This week we finally got back to work and I realized something that I tend to forget again. That work is the answer to all your problems as a missionary. If we didn't work I would go crazy. I almost did last week as I laid in bed and slept every day with nothing to do but the stupid puzzle game the zone leaders gave me (it was actually kind of fun). I do have my guitar which has pretty much kept me sane but its not enough. Basically working helps with boredom and homesickness which are the two greatest enemies that any missionary has to face during his two years in the field.

We had to do a lot of fixing this week. The Lord has given us a spectacular way to begin teaching our investigators called The Commitment Training Pattern which helps us to teach our them how important making and keeping promises is in our daily struggle to come closer to God. At the end of every lesson, we ask the investigator to make a promise to read or pray or come to church and we in turn promise to teach them if they are faithful in keeping their commitment. It has worked wonders for us here in Asokwa but it doesn't work at all if we as the missionaries can't keep our promise because we are stuck in the hospital! So we've been walking around and calling a lot of people, telling them how sorry we are for not keeping our promise and making sure we can set up new appointments. Its been a whole lot of fun...

Mr. AA Boeteng disappeared for a week but luckily he gave us a call on Friday. He had traveled (a term that could me anything from a day trip to moving 300 miles away) for a funeral in some village and will be coming back soon. He told us that when they returned, he and his wife would be coming to church. YES, contacting can work! Who would have thought? Brother Acheampong however is getting harder and harder to see and I'm afraid that he is becoming less serious about his dead brother's church. We are still trying but most of the time we just spend time answering the freaking smart questions his children ask us. Keep praying for these people. We can't do this alone. President taught us at our last zone conference that we should pray as if everything depends on Him but work as if everything depends on us. If we do this, we can do anything the Lord has commanded us to do.

NUMERO UNO's is gone??? Well I know there was one in Glendale, but I don't know if its still there. I think it was on Brand BLVD. Wow, I'm pretty proud of myself for remembering the street!

I've decided that I will probably stay away from cheeseburgers and pizza's here. Chicken and rice is just fine for me. I will never ever go back to Queen's Gate again! Something bad happens to me every time we go there!

When I was in the hospital everyone had to leave me. President called Elder Lehr to make sure nothing bad could happen to me there. It wasn't really that bad; I got to watch CSI Miami!

All right so don't worry about me anyone. Everything checks out and I'll be just fine as long as I drink water constantly. I figure its all part of the experience. I'm glad Stephanie is doing fine! Let her know that I'm praying for her!

I Love you all! Sorry for the crazy letters. Malaria can have a weird effect on your brain and I'm pretty crazy anyway. Also, I don't really go back and reread them at all, lol. I just finish and send them off. I've got a bunch sitting on my table just waiting for a chance to leave Kumasi. Some are pretty old actually. Be patient though!


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