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Monday, April 5, 2010


Good Afternoon!

So yesterday was Easter and I'm pretty sure we were some of the few missionaries in the world that partook of the Sacrament because WE DON'T GET CONFERENCE....:(

Oh well I guess I'm over it. I hope YOU all watched it and enjoyed every second of it! All I want is my own copy of the Ensign and maybe even the audio:)

So yesterday we just had our regular fast and testimony meeting. It was funny because when nobody got up, Bishop just started calling people at random. One or two people got up and ran out before they could be called on. I wasn't paying much attention to the Twi and Elder Lehr whispered in my ear that I had been called. Don't ever believe Elder Lehr right away cause half the time he is just messing with you. I waited and people just kept going up so I guess he never called me! Freaking guy.

I don't know if I mentioned Mr. A.A. Boeteng last week but he and his wife came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it. He called us over as we walked by his place a couple weeks ago and wanted to know what we are doing so we reluctantly started to teach him and his wife. Such contacts are rarely serious. Most of them just want a little some some from the white man with the money. After church yesterday we went to visit him and he said that he really loved church and that he really believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet who saw God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Well surprises come even here in Asokwa. I felt the spirit prompt me to start talking about baptism so I did but I didn't commit him yet because he hasn't started to read the Book of Mormon. I know that he may believe Joseph Smith is a prophet but such a belief means nothing without the Holy Ghost and the Book of Mormon. I just hope he is serious:)

Brother Acheampong didn't come to church yesterday but when we met him afterwards he told us he wants to leave his church for ours and will come next week. I'm not sure how serious he really is, but I have great hopes for him and his family. Keep them all in your prayers please. I have faith that the Lord will complete His goal through us as we try our hardest.

So there was a 7.0 earthquake huh? If that happened here LOTS of people will die and EVERYONE would be freaking out except for me. Don't worry though cause we have no volcanoes that could potentially burn us all alive!

Don't tell me about your homemade Mac and Cheese. That's like a cuss word for me.

I did eat a hamburger today and I ate it with everything on it...and I liked it! Loved it actually. I'm confident that I will be able to eat anything when I come home except for Ice Kenke....

This week we got beaten by the rain twice. The first time I didn't have my nice boots on and I suffered for an hour in a crappy shelter. The wind was blowing and my shoes just filled with water. I'm gonna suffer when I come home because I was FREAKING COLD! The rainy season will be nice as long as I can keep out of the rain. Its funny cause everytime I say the rain is coming my companion says, "I don't think." It comes every single time.

So I've been pretty tired for the past week. I think the 5th week of transfers is a lot like the 2nd to last lap of the 3200 in track. It is the last lap you really have to work through before you just let it all go. We just got transfer news down stairs in the restaurant as we waited THREE hours for our food. Elder Adjei went home today and Elder Holmes his companion is being sent to Dichemso (sorry). Elder Jeppesen is training and his companion Elder Petterson is getting a new companion from down south. Our new District Leader doesn't want me to say who he is so all I'll say is that nobody in our apartment is changing (YES!!!!).

We didn't make any eggs yesterday. In fact it didn't feel like Easter at all...Funny how that works. I really can't believe how fast time is going. Ghana is actually starting to feel like home now. I just wish that it was not so freaking humid. I don't care about the heat, its just so WET. Its worse down south I'm told even though they get a breeze from the ocean.

So my companion loves to get your emails. Keep sending them cause he really doesn't have anybody to talk to. Even if your not my family, you can email him at: ntiense.ekaette@myldsmail.net

So I'm doing just fine! I hope your enjoying El NINO. It sounds pretty fun if you ask me. I'm still alive and I'll be home in no time.

I love you all,
Elder Harris

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