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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today is Tuesday. That's right its Tuesday! My whole world was turned upside down this week because we had interviews yesterday with President Sabey. I guess he has some big huge Mission President Seminar in Accra in a few weeks. Sorry if you got worried or anything. I just forgot to mention it last week:/ Oops

Anyways, today was actually a pretty sweet Pday. As we were playing football in Bantama, the rain started to pound us. It was pretty awesome cause we don't get to be cold very often. We ended up playing for about 4 hours in the pouring rain, nobody wanted to leave. Now I'm paying for it cause I'm literally falling asleep at the computer. Not only did we play football for 4 hours, we walked to town, to the apartment, and then to the cafe. Then the Cafe in the stadium wasn't working so we had to walk all the way to the old cafe in Millennium plaza, a good twenty minute walk away:( Oh well, I'm here now. Back in the day I used to love walking. I even wrote a song here about the late night walks i used to take, after hanging out with friends. They would give it to me later for not telling them I didn't bring my car! That really seems like a long time ago now. I guess I never thought about the fact that if I had taken a ride, I would have been able to talk with my friends longer. Haha, another Oops;)

I can honestly say nothing is really moving here in Asokwa. I told President Sabey in my interview, that I've been struggling to get back on my feet after the whole sickness thing. Things are starting to get back to normal small small, but it really has been a struggle. Don't worry though, I'll be fine as the work starts to pick up. I'm sure that we will be able to complete our goal even though we are half way through and only 25% of the mission has completed it. I just hope that AA Boeteng comes home soon. Elder Ekaette still have our ups and downs but our relationship is improving little bit by little bit. I don't think we will ever be best friends though. We just don't understand each other at all, lol.

The rainy season has begun here in Kumasi. I really really really love it. It rains almost every night and occasionally during the day. Even though we get beaten by the rain every so often, it feels wonderful. Its funny to see how cold the Africans get while I'm enjoying myself. I guess its supposed to get really bad around June or July. That's a good thing because the World Cup is starting on June 6th (BE EXCITED) and proselyting is going to be a pain in the butt. You should try telling a Ghanain to turn his or her TV off when Chelsea or Manchester United is playing (those are football teams). Its not easy. By the way the USA is going to beat England. Sorry Rooney.

Your Stake Conference sounds pretty exciting. Before my mission I wouldn't have cared that much but now I wouldn't miss such a thing for the world. We don't get to here personally from general authorities very often. Especially as the church grows bigger and bigger. The fact that we got to listen to Elder Holland in such an intimate setting is extremely rare. So make sure you go. You don't want to miss out! Don't be scared, if anything were to be happening, now wouldn't be any different from later :)

Your wrap party sounded pretty fun. Did any of the people you shook hands with want to know where the bar was?

All right, I'm out of time and out of energy. I have to instruct District Meeting tomorrow so I have to work on that too. I hope everything is going just fine back home. I love you all and miss you lots!!!

Love Elder Harris
AKA MR Sick of being SICk

Ps. To sing the blues, You've got to pay the dues, AND Carry ON...

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