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Monday, May 3, 2010


Hello Family!

This week has really flown by fast!

Last week, Pday was changed to Tuesday so our Interviews could take place on Monday. On Wednesday I had to instruct for District meeting. I talked about how taking upon ourselves the Yoke of Christ helps us to overcome challenges, temptations, weaknesses, and so on and so forth. I've taught this same type of instruction a few times now. I'm either bad at coming up with new ideas or this is just something I need help with.

Well Anyways, Friday we had splits with our new zone leader. He is really freaking cool and knows what being a good missionary means. He's also not afraid to give it to a stubborn investigator who likes to ask STUPID questions that lead us to stupid topics that JUST DON'T MATTER. Sometimes I forget how young our whole zone really is. When we get a chance to be with one of the older missionaries from time to time it feels like they know sooo much more than us. That reminds me of something somebody said to me once: Just as you really start to feel like you know what you're doing, your coming home. Just as long as I'm improving at a pretty good rate, I'll be fine.

The other nights we spent with the Kiffers watching conference. It was pretty awesome (as if you can't say that about every conference). I think my favorite favorite talk was given by President Eyring during Priesthood Session. My other favorites were President Uchtdorf, Dallin H Oaks, Jeffrey R Holland ( I shook his hand...be jealous), David A Bednar, and of course President Monson. I can't describe the spirit that I felt fill the room of the UST chapel as President Uchtdorf read off the names for a sustaining vote and as we all raised our hands, thousands of miles away, weeks too late. I really know that our leaders are wonderful men, called of God to lead and direct His children on the Earth today. It fills my heart with joy to know that I have the opportunity to live at a time where the Lord is performing so many miracles and it humbles me to know that I can sometimes be a part of those miracles. I have seen it happen.

This week we had the opportunity to visit and teach Brother AA Boeteng. He told us that because of his son in law's funeral he hasn't had much time to read the Book of Mormon so we asked if he could help us know what he was able to read. He sat up and thought for a second (I can say it looked like a light lit up in his eyes). Well I did learn something he said, Then he had us turn to CHAPTER SEVENTEEN of First Nephi!!!! For having no time to read, that is sweet. He then had us read until half way through the chapter where Nephi describes how they ate their food raw because the Lord prepared it and made it sweet to eat. As we read this verse he had us stop and he looked up at us. The week before his family was running into some very tough financial circumstances that have forced his wife to sell stuff on the road so they can have food to eat. He told us that because of his faith in Jesus Christ, the Lord has provided him with food that was prepared in the same way Nephi's food was prepared. Then he asked us if we knew what kind of food he ate. Well, we looked at each other, slightly amazed, and said we don't know. He wouldn't tell us because it's between him and the Lord. Now, I have no idea how Mr. Boeteng received his food, but I know that God is capable of working miracles. I also feel confident that AA Boeteng will be baptized with his wife in a few weeks and our part of the goal will be finished.

I feel refreshed. I feel ready to move on and past my own laziness following all my sickness. I feel ready to break free of my old self. I know it won't ever be easy but it will be worth it. Last week (stop me if i already mentioned this), I had a moment where I pictured myself as the new father of a beautiful baby girl. As I thought, I pictured her as she grew up and became a young women. Then I thought of myself and my self-perception changed completely. I now thought of myself as I think of my own father. I look up to him. I trust him. I love him. Can I be like that? Can I be the father that I need to be? I don't have much time left and I know I need to be better. That is my new focus for my mission. I'm ready to begin truly shaping myself for the future. Is it bad that these thoughts didn't come till 7 months on mission?

Well anyways, everything is going well. I'm just happy I didn't roll my ankle three times both ways and then snap my Achilles tendon! THAT WOULD NOT BE FUN...

Mail is coming for some. If you are having a hard time waiting I refer you to President Uchtdorf's talk in Priesthood session. Just kidding, but seriously it TAKES FOREVER...

I love you all! I miss you all! Thanks for everything!

Elder Harris

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