Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, May 24, 2010


Dear Family,

I now feel like I'm really in Africa. I have been transferred to Assin Achiese in the Assin Fosu Zone. We are located about half way between Assin Fosu and Cape Coast. I am literally living in the Jungle now, which is was sweet. We have a nice apartment in the Little village. I'm pretty sure I am the only white man within twenty miles of where I live. Everybody here speaks Twi and there aren't too many people that can read but it has still been fun.

My new companion is named Elder Buah from Accra. There's only one way to describe him and that is: Cool. He's really soft spoken and quite but he is fun to be with at the same time. We teach pretty well together and that's a plus. It kind of sucks for him cause he has to translate everything I say for our investigators. It's been a real challenge with the Twi but at least it will give me an excuse to actually learn the language. The other Elders in my apartment/district are Elder Asiedu and Elder Agama, both from Ghana. That's right I'm the only white guy in the apartment. I am going to be colonized fast. What a turn around from being with nothing but Abrunies to nothing but Obibinis. They are way tight though. I couldn't ask for a cooler apartment.

I'm way excited to be here in Achiese. We have already taught more lessons in three days then we did in a week at Asokwa. Its awesome to be able to fill our day with meaningful work instead of B.S. appointments that end up failing. Sorry for Elder Harrison who switched spots with me. He loved it here. I'm sure he will love Asokwa, just not the work in Asokwa.

Anyways, all is well here in Ghana. Assin Fosu has an internet cafe now so I should be able to email every week. Just don't be surprised if you don't get one every once and a while because this internet cafe stinks really bad. I was pampered in Kumasi!

So I love you all! Hope you've had a good week. Let me know whats going on. Jeremy should get excited for the letter I just sent him;)

Elder Harris Aka Papa Harris (They actually call me that, lol)

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