Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, May 10, 2010


Dear Family,

So talking to you guys was pretty sweet last night. Don't worry about me getting enough sleep cause that was my main activity today. That and cleaning for apartment checks tomorrow. Yeah pretty boring day but it was nice.

This week has been pretty typical. The work is pretty slow except for two or three serious investigators. Mr Boeteng is still out of town but I'm sure I won't get transferred before the end of this goal in July. I'm not afraid anymore for his wife either. I'm convinced both will join the church, they just need to come back from this stupid funeral.

I only have one more transfer here in Asokwa before I've been here as long as Akoki was. That's 9 months in my first area if I don't get transferred in the next couple of weeks! I hope I don't get transferred either cause I want to be here when Brother Boeteng is baptized. It's not why I'm here but it's still pretty sweet to see your work actually bring forth fruit! Especially in this area.

Calling home has left me feeling pretty good. When I talked to you guys it felt like no time had passed at all. It was kind of weird but awesome. Now its only 7 months till Christmas!

Well I don't have that much to write. This internet is being stupid today, Sorry:( I love you all again! Hopefully next week will be better but if it isn't just remember where I am. TIA

I've got letters coming for all those that deserve them. For Kim Barlow: I sent a couple letters to your old address before I knew you moved so if they don't come sorry. Jordan Thomas: I got your letters, you have some coming:)

Love, Elder Harris

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