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Monday, May 17, 2010


Dear family,

Today is P-day. Translation: Party Day. Not only is it P-day, it is the beginning of P-Week, the sixth week of every transfer. We love P-day a lot a lot a lot.

Today at some point we will get transfer news. President hasn't called at all so that's a good thing. He only calls for leadership positions and training. Later tonight we'll get a call from the Zone Leaders letting us know who is going and who is staying. With this goal, I don't think too much will change for at least one more transfer. Elder Lehr, Clements, and I are all ripe for change since we've all been in this are for FOREVER. Lehr is at 9 months, I'm at 7 and a half, and Clemments is at 6. We like it here but I wouldn't mind a change:)

Not too much is happening. Things are moving seriously slow and I'm feeling pretty tired. Luckily I got a pretty good spiritual boost at church, which is funny since I couldn't understand anything during sacrament meeting and the other classes were super boring. Maybe it was all the white girls from Utah that somehow made their way to Asokwa this week. They can make any boring meeting worth going to, lol. The funny part is how none of us except Elder Clements had the guts to go talk to them. I guess its been a long time since I talked to a cute white girl. :) Hopefully I'm not weird when I come home!

Mr. Boeteng came home finally and I'm starting to see the same pattern that happened to William before he was baptized. Satan is taking a real stand against them with sickness and financial problems. We visited them on Saturday but we weren't able to teach much. We just set up another appointment and blessed Teresa, Mr. Boateng's wife. I guess that they are trying to send their daughter to the university and the money is a big problem. I'm still confident because their testimony still seems strong, they just need to get through this tough time. William did for our last goal and I'm sure A.A. Boeteng and his wife will too. This goal does tend to give me a headache sometimes.

SOOO, what else? Lol, I missed an opportunity to send mail out when the Aps came last week and because of a weird twist of events, we won't get another opportunity for about two weeks:/ Oops. Don't worry I have mail sitting on my desk. OH WAIT. If someone gets transferred I can send it down with them. So maybe its not so bad, lol.

Did you know that when you crack you knuckles, your releasing gas and not really cracking anything...

My companion has come down with some sort of skin fungus on his back and arms. I have once again taken on the responsibilities of apartment doctor/massage therapist and I get to rub cream and powder all over this back twice a day. Yeah it's a lot of fun i get to enjoy for the next two weeks!

All right, that's all for now. I'll tell you whats up next Monday. Maybe I'll be in a new area with a new companion with the goal finished! Or I'll still be here in Asokwa which would be just as awesome. I really don't care all that much:) I'M JUST PISSED I'M NOT AN AP YET!!!!...jk

Love Elder Harris

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