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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Good morning!

So you're probably thinking why I've been such a terrible son, not emailing for 3 weeks. I've a got a really good excuse though! The power was out for two weeks and when I went to email on Monday the line wasn't working in Cape Coast. It was all right though cause Elder Lehr and I got to talk to two member girls from Utah for an hour. It was just refreshing even though American accents sound terrible.

SO you never guess where I'm at now! Kumasi. Not only that but I am now training Elder Rogers from St. George. This has been the sweetest transfer because all my favorite people (minus one or two) have come with me. Elders Thompson, Holmes, Vancherie, Russell, Bahme, and I are all in the same zone. I even took Elder Lehr with me. He and I will always be in the same zone. I'm now living in Abuakwa with Elder Vancherie and his companion (I don't know his name yet:/). Elder Butler is going to be a Zone Leader in Dichemso and I also brought Elder Asiedu and Elder Buah with me to Kumasi. Poor Elder Agama is still in the village.

Yesterday was crazy. We drove down in a tro-tro to Cape Coast and had to wait a couple hours for everyone to get to the station. Elder Lehr and I hung out with Elder Akoki and Elder Adiefio who we may never seen again. President brought Elder Rogers and the rest of the poor suckers to meet us there. One guy who is being trained by Elder Holmes looked like he was going to throw up. On the way up the bus was driving really really slow and it finally died in Abuasi. We had to wait 2 hours for another bus to pick us up so we all got up to go explore. Of course the greenies didn't want to leave the safety of the bus so we didn't go to far. Finally we got a new bus and we got to Kumasi at around nine. Elder Ekaette was so excited ( I wouldn't send him anything again by the way, he's getting spoiled) it was really funny.

I'm so excited to be back in Kumasi. Elder Lehr, Me and Elder Butler all left at the same time and came back yesterday. We decided it's the best place in the mission. Yeah I'm a little bit nervous to be training in a new area but this place is sweet. I once asked Elder Wolfgram what it was like here and all he said was it is like heaven. Elder Rogers is a sweet guy and humble too. He's way on fire which is kind of funny. He did the exact same thing I did on my first morning which was get fully dressed in Priesthood before breakfast. Nobody does that. I can remember looking around at my roommates and thinking oh. This is going to be a sweet transfer.

I'm still alive. Emails should be more regular now that I'm out of the Jungle. Achiese was sweet but I'm happy to be back. I'm coming up to the hump and it's all going to be downhill from there. Elder White, my grandfather, died yesterday (went home) and is now enjoying himself in the states. Next is Elder Adjeifio, then the Kiffers, then Elder Akoki, then Elder Lehr and I'm going. With so many Mt's in our zone we are going to enjoy on our year day. I think they want Pizza. They claim to have found a better cheaper place but I'm still nervous. Pizza=Something bad coming your way. I think I'll be all right though.

Today we are going to town to buy food and stuff and we are going to explore the area a little bit. It's kind of awkward because we are both new and don't know anybody. I think we are already preparing three people for baptism who I haven't met. I think we might play basketball later in the day.

All right that's all for now. I'll be emailing on Monday. If it's not too late I was hoping you could send me some led pencils and colored pencils. If it is too late it can wait till later. Pray for me please! I love you all,

Elder Harris

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