Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Dear Family,

This week has been the best week in some time. Sunday night we found
out who would be going to the Leadership Training meetings for Zone
Leaders, District Leaders, future leaders, and future trainers. I
wasn't going. Or so I thought. I got called at 6am on Tuesday and was
told to get dressed in 15 minutes because I was going to Cape Coast. I
was mad at first but it turned out great. The meetings lasted
till 2pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday and focused on how to become
better missionaries. It was nothing new. All it did was focus us on
the most important things we should be doing for our investigators in
our lessons. It is a truly inspired program from the brethren upstairs
and has already helped us in our teaching. I guess the main focus was
on teaching people not lessons. Listening more, pondering, asking good
questions, talking about baptism, were just a few of the things we
have started doing. I have been on fire since last Monday and it has
already paid off.

The sucky part is that there is a really good chance that I could
train during the next transfer. I'm not saying that is a sure thing,
but it looks likely since Elder Buah has been here so long. If I'm
lucky we'll both be transferred and I'll be a junior companion again!
YAY! But I guess I've got to serve as a leader eventually, on mission
or after.

That has really been the big event of the week. Assin Fosu District
had a big football tournament that we went to on Saturday.
The tournament was pretty fun to go to but I
didn't get to play. It was still cool to see all the other branches in
the District. I'm told that it will soon be turned into a stake but
Achiese will not qualify to be a ward. I'm looking forward to the
future of the branch though because we have been working with some
really good future leaders.

I knew Earth Wind and Fire would be sweet. That bass player is
freaking crazy even if he's crazy old too. Who all went? 45 people?
Was it a church group?

So President Klenk interviewed Jeremy with a member of the Seventy?
Which seventy was it? That would be an interesting interview! I hope
President knows what he is doing. You can't force someone to go on a
mission and I wouldn't have liked it at all. It might help him though.

We are all trying to be a little bit better at being missionaries here
in Ghana. I believe that last weeks incident happened at a perfect
time for the mission. I've made some mistakes but I'm trying harder.
I'm excited for the future!

Don't ever worry about rambling in your letters or emails. I want to
hear everything! Little or small. Exciting or boring. I'm very far
away and those things are sweet to me. I love you all very much! I
hope you are getting my letters! I'm hearing bad things about
California which have really made me mad, but there's not much I can
do here. I guess our vote doesn't mean anything anymore. lol

I'm out of time! I love you all! Tell Jeremy that I emailed him last
week! Bye Bye!

Elder Harris
Aka Drew

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