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Monday, August 30, 2010


These days are happy but heavy days for all of us in the mission. One of my favorite Elders in the mission was sent home last week for disobedience. I could tell that President was truly heartbroken but he knew what he had to do. Today he brought the fire for the first time since I came to ghana and made it very clear that the Lord does not want those who struggle with the things that most of our missionaries struggle with in this mission. New rules have also been added to help us follow the white hand book. This was all needed I feel and will be a good thing for me and everyone else but I mourn for that missionary who only had three weeks left.
Today we had a match against Takoradi and Secondi zones and got handled. They had plenty of subs while we had to play the whole time. We kept up with them for the the first half and got killed in the second. It was a lot of fun since I got to see Elder Peterson and Elder Tracy again. It's going to suck since we will no longer get to travel out of the zone for activities anymore. Now I'm going to rot in Assin Fosu. It's all right except for the fact that all the guys who made the zone fun are now being sent away.
Last week we had our first specialized training with President Sabey. He taught us some princepals of Leadership in the church that every one in the church should know. The first princepal was that we should never aspire for any leadership position in the mission or in the church. Leadership is not required for the Celestial Kingdom and aspiring for leadership implies that we are trying to take the honor unto ourselves. The second princepal is that we should not try to figure out who may become the next leader in the church and we certainly should not talk about it with others. Doing such shows disrespect for the way God chooses His leaders and we should remember that His thoughts are not our thoughts. There are many reasons for both of these principals.
Things are going good here despite our crapy Mondays. I wrote and sent some letters for you guys this week so be excited. Sorry about the speeding ticket Jeremy. I refuse to drive to Six Flags ever. Too much bad stuff has happened, all of which has to do with the car. Six Flags is sweet. I hope you guys had fun. How much was the ticket? I'm glad you were able to have a great B-day mom! Grandma told me about how busy the month of August is and it sounds like your all having a great time! What is Granville? Mexican food sounds really good to me right now.
The Fishy beans showed up again and this time I ate it and liked it. It was a lot better with rice that's for sure. I finally found out how to cook rice. It takes a long time but it's pretty easy. It is a lot cheaper too so I don't have to spend so much money on Indomie. It is also a lot more filling.
The Weather has been pretty sweet lately. Its been really cool and the rain comes almost everyday but not very hard. We can usually still prosylite which is really sweet. We still don't have many people to teach, but we are still working with some progressing investigators and recent converts who will really help this branch. I really do have a good feeling about the future of this area.
So there are going to be some cool things happening soon. First we are starting the new traiing sessions for prospective leaders. I didn't get invited to this weeks session so hurray! Does that mean I won't be a leader? Absolutely not (bummer). I may be invited in the future but we shall see. On the 14th of September (can you believe it's going to be September?) Elder Sitati of the Seventy will be visiting the mission. He's not hard to miss in the Ensign with all the seventies. We then will be visiting the Temple during the First week of October which is by far the best news of all. We then will also be having a Christmas party at some point. We will be busy durning the coming months!
I'm coming up fast on the halfway mark and I can't believe how fast time has gone. If there was anything I would want to happen to me during the next year it would be getting transfered closer to my Mt's. I really love those guys especially Elder Thompson, Jeppesen, and Pinnell. I'm going to work harder at becoming a better missionary. I don't want to end up like Elder So and So who wrote a moving letter to the mission which President read for us today. It told us to be obedient.
I love you all.
Elder Harris
"I'm Happy!"-Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Ps I'm just going to write a letter to Jeremy, lol

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