Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dear Family,

Wow, it sounds like there is a lot going on back home! I'm here in
Fosu and it has been a really boring day. Yeah, we did nothing. I
think I'm going to crazy out in Achiese. Oh well we have interviews
this week so it should chop the week in half pretty well.

We did watch a little bit of that video with Brother Stevens on the
horse with some of the zone today. When I realized what it was I was
like, "Yeah, I know him." Everyone was impressed:)

There really hasn't been much going on during the past week. We
haven't been doing to much work since we can't find people to teach.
Elder Buah is tired and I really don't know how to motivate him. I'm
not really the type to say BUAH get off your butt and let's work! So
I've been doing a lot of staying in the apartment and staring at the
wall till I feel like killing something. I did teach the guys how to
play Egyptian Rat Screw and it has really revolutionized our card
playing. At first the other guys were really slow and I dominated but
now they are starting to catch up. The only problem is that they slap
SO HARD. My hand usually slips right under theirs and they crush my
fingers every time. I told them its too much!

This week I had a strange experience. I guess its not that strange but
it came out of nowhere on Wednesday or Thursday. I was staring at the
wall, this time on my bed, and I started to think about home. Then a
thought came to me that everything was changing at home and nothing
would ever be the way it was again. All of a sudden I felt sad.
Freaking sad. But then a reassuring thought came to me. THAT'S OK!!!
Who cares? Really? I felt the spirit witness to my soul that
everything is going to be OK even if things are different. I can take
anything if I can make it through what I'm going through now.

We did get to do a couple service projects at the chapel! Our lawn is
huge and it hasn't been mowed since I first got here because the
person in charge got hit by big palm branch. This was the same guy
who's house fell down. I wanted to say that's what happens when your
house is made of mud but that would be mean I guess. Anyways we went
to help our clerk who's shouldering the responsibility. My job was to
trim these bushes that circle the huge parking lot that nobody uses.
All I had were these crappy dull shears that barely worked unless I
closed them with all my strength. It took me about an hour and a half
to get all the way around these hedges. When I was finished I could
barely open my hands and they were bruised for a few days. I can still
feel the pain a little bit today. It took us hours to finish the lawn
too because the mower doesn't have that sweet switch that makes it
pull itself. You just have to go back and forth with the grass
shooting out at your legs. It was a lot more fun then staring at the
wall in the apartment!

We are teaching a few people that seem like they could progress.
Sister Adua has prayed once about our message and she says she thinks
it's true. That's great but we are going to get her a Book of Mormon
so that her faith can begin to grow. Brother Robert is a cool future
leader who likes our message but he travels all the time and it's hard
to get him at home. We also have this guy named Daniel who has the
sweetest little girls. Every time we start to pray they run over and
fold their arm with their eyes closed tight. We are also teaching
Brother Amos along with his wife, Hagar. Amos was sustained to receive
the Aaronic Priesthood last Sunday, so he should be able to baptize
Hagar and her other son Wisdom.

All right don't be mad but I'm mailing the pictures today! YAY!!!

All right I've got to go! I'm going to the post office then I'm going
to buy stuff for my weekly stew. I'm not really doing all that bad in
Achiese. It's just tough sometimes!

I love you all! BYE BYE


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