Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dear Mother,
I got your package this week and it was sweet. I wrote a letter about it and sent it today. I also sent you a little present with it! Be excited! I ate the spam in a day. Same with the tuna. I was thinking, hmm...am I going to like this stuff? It was awesome! Who knew! The seasoning was perfect too.
Today we came to Cape Coast and played some kickball with the Cape Coast Zone. Afterwards we played football. I am sunburned:( I thought we were playing indoor games but I was wrong. It was still a lot of fun. P-day is the best day of the week cause I actually get to see other people. I'm also able to make new freinds down here away from Kumasi. One Elder is trying to get us to consider renting an apartment with him so we can go to UVU. It's just something to think about I guess. The good part is that I'm getting home in October so I'm gonna have to wait to go to school anyway (not sure what I'll do about insurance:/). I'm not thinking about home but the idea of being with a bunch of Cape Coast guys sounds cool.

This weekend we had a baptism for Brother Amos and his son Vincent and also a girl named Gifty. It was sweet except for the fact that when the Branch President was late we called him and he said he was on his way from Fosu. When we called him again the phone was switched off. He never showed up! It was ridiculous. We had to run to his house and pick up his keys so we could get the baptismal clothes out of the President's office. It was pretty stupid.
So even though we as a district completed the goal, the mission hasn't yet. That means that they could potentially send me a missionary who hasn't completed it yet and that would be bad. We really don't have any serious backups. We some people but they are always busy and one is flat out crazy. The hard part was the fact that Elder Buah has been in this tiny village for almost 9 months. He's seen everything and everyone. It was really hard to find new people but we did. We he goes (and he probably will), contacting won't be hard for my companion and I since we can basically start over. Elder Buah and I really don't have that many people to teach right now but we are still moving forward small small. We only have till the end of September to complete the goal. Transfers are the week before my B-day.
So are you gonna let Jeremy drive? That is one long trip from California to South Dakota. It would probably be a 3 hour plane flight;) I hope everything goes well along the way. I guess the wheather will be nice at that time of year.
So when I was transfered I was able to fit everything in my two smaller bags. That meant I could just stick the medium bag inside the big bag and instead of carrying three bags I only had to carry two. Yeah it was sweet. Don't worry about sending me random stuff. Random is my nature as you can see by the drawings I sent you. When I start drawing I have no idea where its going. I usually start with a nose and I just go with it. This week I drew a picture of an old lady and I stuck her way up in the clouds on a dark night. She was just begining to fall so I wrote: Gram Gram found herself in a tight spot. I also loved the jokes you sent that one time. The meat in the mashed potatoes was my favorite. Thanks for sending me the stuff I asked for it was awesome!
Well I'm going back to my Jungle. Back to Achiese the Fabulous Bush. I'm tired and warn out and ready to go to sleep. The weather sounds amazing back home. I would feel right at home! I love you all and miss you.
Love Elder Harris,
Song to be remembered: "Free me, Right now" -Foo Fighters

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