Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dear Family,

That's sweet that you finally got my pictures. Sorry it took so long but I'm sure you were satisfied. I'm pretty sure the memory card got fried at some point but I can fix it once I format it. I guess those photos are just gone from history. I've been looking at some of them lately and I realized that it all may seem strange to you but everything is completely normal for me. The black dancer was Elder Ekaette.

So they finally put up my plaque huh? Which picture did they use? I wish they sent the canon one earlier, lol.

I got your B-Day package a couple of days ago! Elder Dunford brought it into my room which surprised me since all I saw at first were his white finger tips. My favorite thing was the tiger! I handed out all the wristbands except a few that my companions wanted. It was funny cause I pulled them out for all the kids and Elder Agama was like I'll take this one and now they all have their own. The book is pretty amazing. I've read about 200 pgs since Thursday. I feel like I'm actually starting to understand who Joseph Smith really was. I'm getting to the part just before the Kirtland Temple was dedicated and the things they saw were amazing. Everything else in the package is now gone, lol. OH yeah the capo was really sweet too!

I got a letter from Heather Jolley today that was ripped to shreds. I got most of it but some parts were cut off including the return address. It took like 7 months for the letter I sent to get to her! If you could get her new address from the Jolley's that would much appreciated.

So this week has been pretty typical. I'm anticipating a new companion this week but we won't know until later today. I'm still hoping for no leadership positions. There's no possibility for training because the MTC was closed for July. 3 Zone leaders are leaving and one AP so there might be a lot of changes. I'm thinking Elder Buah will be called to be a Zone Leader. He or Elder Lehr. I'm hoping to stay right where I'm at. I just hope my new companion will be a good guy who is ready to translate everything I say.

We are planning to baptize Brother Amos's wife Hagar and her son Wisdom a week from Saturday. Amos just looks like a future leader in his tie and white shirt. I wouldn't be surprized if they make him the branch president in a couple of years.

I'm in Cape Coast today for a free P-Day. I pulled out 75 cedis today to pay for some football boots and duty. The hardest part is living off subsistence when the prices for everything go up every day. Hopefully they are going to raise the subsistence but it hasn't happened yet. If dad could just keep the card at 200 that would be sweet. I'm getting better at managing my money but I'm still learning what I can buy, lol.

The most exciting thing that happened this last week was in a crazy cool dream. I was BATMAN! There was this underground boxing ring where they were gonna start beating up on this girl. It was held underground in a cave with a pool and the ring. This water fall fell into the pool that was like 200 feet high through this tunnel headed up to the surface. I was up at the top all dressed up and I dived off the water fall into the pool. It took a long time to fall and I remember feeling the drop out and the water as I fell through the waterfall into the pool. I swam and jumped into the ring and beat the heck out of all these thugs in the ring and saved the girl. Yeah it was sweet!

All right I have to run! I'm out of time. I'll let you know about transfers next week! I love you all!

Elder Harris

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