Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dear Mom,

I just spent the day playing with a bunch of crocodiles not too far from Twifo Praso. It was at this nice resort with a big lake full of crocks. The rules aren't the same here so we were up close and personal with them. I've got a good video of me feeding one some chicken and another where it turns on Elder Lehr and Thompson. Elder Lehr didn't know what to do so he just stands there for a few seconds before getting away. We saw one big crock near the path we were walking on and Elder Chime threw this big stick at it. We all got excited as he tried to kill the stick. Crocks are so much fun!

On the way back we couldn't get a car so we had to walk a few miles before this old dude picked us up. I hitch-hiked for the first time in my life! Luckily he was pretty cool and we're not dead or robbed. Anyways today was pretty sweet despite the fact we had to say goodbye to Elder Carton who is leaving for the mission home on Monday. It feels so wierd when people go home.

I still remember the last fair I went to. I think we went with Tom and the Horgans. Maybe there was somebody else too but I don't remember. By far my favorite animal here is Mr. Pig. He's this big hog who hangs out near our recent converts house. Sometimes we round a corner and boom, there's Mr. Pig sniffing around in the bushes. He's just a cool cat!

This has been a pretty exciting week for Achiese. Elder Asiedu and Elder Agama both had malaria and they were down all week long. Elder Agama now has pink eye and looks terrible! We also had interviews with President on Wednesday. He announced that a new policy has been announced from Salt Lake where we will now only have zone conferences and interviews once every quarter. It freaking sucks, but I guess I'll get used to it. Instead of conferences, we will now how missionary training. Oh well everything comes from above so I'll except it no matter how tough it will be for me.

This week itself has been a spiritually uplifting week. Nothing was really different, I just felt happy and optimistic about everything. President told me that the best thing I could do for this branch was help strengthen the future leaders we have just baptized. I felt the spirit whisper to me as we taught Amos and as I prayed at the end of the lesson. I felt that he would be a great leader in the church and that he would really make a diffence in the area. It was a wonderfull feeling that I was greatfull to recieve. I had a similar feeling as we taught an investigator named Robert the same day. The lord is preparing to do something in this branch in the near future. I won't be here to see it, but I know that I can help prepare.

Last weeks email was me in one of my bad moods. I really felt down but the Lord has really been helping me to jut get over it. This week I have really felt at home here in Ghana. It's a strange feeling to say the least.

I'm starting to have hope for this goal. Our investigators are starting to progress. Especially Brother Robert, Sister Adua, and Daniel. We also were walking by this house we contacted during the World Cup but they were busy then so we couldn't teach them. Elder Buah has been praying they would call us over one day and they finally did. We taught the whole family with is always sweet, and then we came the next day as well. It's too early to tell, but I have a really good feeling about them. Such feelings were hard to come by in Asokwa. Maybe that's why nothing ever happened there, lol. Anyways, I'm not scared for transfers anymore. The Lord will provide if I get a new companion.

You don't have to worry about Elder Buah. Don't judge him either because he is one of the best men I have ever met and by far the coolest Ghanain ever. I have found that if I move he will move also even if he is tired. If I have to move a little bit earlier then normal then so be it. It is HARD to be in his position and I know how it feels. I'm interested for transfers cause I'm pretty sure something new is coming.

Well I'm in a good mood this week. I hope it lasts but I know it won't. That's when the real tests come and in a way that's what I really need. I need that fire to burn the little guy out of me! Kory was right about mission, but the joy far exceeds the pain and I thank the Lord everyday for it.

I love you guys!
Elder Harris

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