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Monday, June 20, 2011

Dear Family,

Freshly Returned Missionary Mind? Ridiculous! I will be going and if it wasn't awkward, I would get up and do a little heel click in the air right here in the Cafe. That will be so freaking sweet. I told Thomer to look for shows around the time I get back. Supposedly all my favorite bands are doing tours right now so October should be pretty sweet. Oh what wouldn't I do to see Radiohead again? Anyway, by that time just listening to the recordings will be freaking cool and going to the concert will feel like a dream. Well, anyways, back to Africa.

So at the end of yesterday all I wanted to do was scream WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY???!!!!! Saturday, we had three potential people ready to go to the temple with the Kwekuma and Sekondie temple trips on the 24th of July. Our couple in Kojokrom is ready to go but they aren't sure if he can get the days off work. They are looking really sketchy. Yesterday we got a call and both Kwekuma and Sekondie canceled their temple trips because some freaking people from Cote Devoir showed up at the temple. We worked on getting our woman in Sekondie to go by her self to seal to her dead parents and she promised she will go. However another phone call killed that because the Zone Leaders found out her parents were divorced before they died. Can they be sealed???!!!! Can she be sealed to one or both of them????!!!! I sure as heck don't know and President is figuring it out. It's doubtful that the woman in Kwekuma will go by herself and over all everything is in the shiz hole.

Yesterday we worked all day just to get Brother Akon and Sister Felicity their temple recommends. If the Stake Presidency knew how to do their job (not trying to be bitter or anything) they would have been ready to go last week. If it weren't for us it might have taken years to get them to the temple. No offense but I read the handbook on this subject and I don't understand why they were so hesitant. It outlines every single problem they could have faced. This is a lesson to learn for me if I ever have to serve as a leader in the church. Read the Handbook!

What are we going to do now? I don't know! Pray! Fast! Be obedient. I've done everything I know how to do. Now I just need to rely on the Lord and if anything needs to be done that I can do I will jump on it. Now were are just praying that Brother Akon can get the time off. I hope he realizes how serious this is. Somewhere around 150 missionaries are depending on him and his wife!

The beautiful thing is that a lot of good has come from the goal even if we don't accomplish it. All of our people will be sealed eventually even if they don't do it before the goal ends. However I don't believe that the Lord would give us a goal he wanted us to fail. So if we do everything we can possibly think of, God will do the rest. I'm a little bit tired.

We played some small pitch football today. It was pretty fun. Next week we will all travel to Cape Coast to have President Sabey's last Zone Conference. It's pretty lame though because we were supposed to have it this Wednesday but now they moved it to Monday so that we can all play a huge football tournament. I kind of feel like we will rush the zone conference just for P-Day! Lame! It will be pretty sweet though cause I'll be able to see all my buddies.

School sounds awesome but I might have had a reality check, lol. What if the whole living together doesn't work?? I really want to go to LDS business college but do I want to sign up and everything before I even know where I'll live? What do you think? I guess I'm just being realistic now, lol. What I need to do is talk to Tracy and then I'll see what's up. I so want to go though!

So the Goal ends this coming Sunday. Pray for us please! I think it would be a good idea to send my License. This one won't say turns 21 in 2010. Now I can get drinks and and gamble no problem! Where is the concert? What are the seats like? I doubt we will be moshing together but if we do I'm going to take Mom with an elbow. Just wait till my own concert cause that one will be nuts. There will be nobody but ladies allowed in and they will all be screaming for me. Did you get my letter yet?

I love you all!

There is a laser in your mouth
If you aren't careful
It will blow your teeth out...

Tell me what your thinking baby
Tell me what your thinking baby
Tell me what your thinking baby

Tell me what your thinking baby
Tell me what your thinking baby
Tell me what your thinking baby

Where there is an answer you can't find
If you're not careful
It will break your pride

Do we fly before we fall?
Somehow as I'm thinking
I don't think so

A paper man has a paper mind
A catchy tune has a catchy rhyme
A fishy boat goes by fishy time
Are we all losers?

Tell me what your thinking baby
Tell me what your thinking baby
Tell me what your thinking baby

Tell me what your thinking baby
Tell me what your thinking baby
Tell me what your thinking baby

"Tell me what your thinking"-Drew Harris, Written in an African Internet Cafe

PS. Did you ever get the fried kitty pictures?

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