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Monday, June 13, 2011

Email dated 6/13/11

Today is an absolutely beautiful day here in Takoradi. After a heavy rain that lasted about three days, the sky is clear and it feels pretty dry. It actually feels a lot like home even though I don't think you would think so. I've been in a really good mood the past couple days and the weather makes it all the more sweet. I finished three songs I've been working on for a long freaking time. One of them is pretty dang stupid but in the end the song as a whole will be awesome. It's not a lyrical masterpiece or anything. It's called Worm Vision (It's Making Me Numb). Its all about getting sucked into a wormhole. Like I said, pretty stupid:)

If you liked my last letter your going to love my next one. As for the videos, they are my favorite too. I need to start taking more but they take a lot of room on the memory card. Maybe I'll just burn another DVD.

Now don't think your making me homesick with your emails but I really miss Utah. I also miss being on the top of the mountains with the crisp breeze and a view of everything. I never ever thought I would have a desire to live in Utah, but after being here it sounds like heaven. Elder Baron is from Atlanta and will be moving to Salt Lake during the summer to go to the LDS business college. He said they basically pay you to go there. You just apply and your accepted. I hope he's right! It sounds really sweet.

This week has been hard but surprisingly I've been in a good mood throughout. I'm still sick!! We're now trying to kill it with three different drugs; one of which cost a whomping 24 Ghana Cedis!!! It was working pretty well until today. There's still some more to take so hopefully it works. On top of that I got a pretty severe head cold and I haven't slept all week end. Last night I just got up and started cleaning our windows at four in the morning. They were really dusty. I would have done more but I didn't want to wake anybody. I was all hyped up to clean everything! Finally I was tired enough to at least lay in bed and I even dreamed a little bit. I was in the priesthood room of the Burbank Chapel and it was during early morning seminary I think. Ryan from Sparks street was there but I'm not sure she recognized me so I kept throwing out random comments about the good old days when I was ten years old and in love with her. It was a funny dream and proof I think that the mind never forgets anything. Anyways, I'm on the downside of the cold so hopefully I'll get some sleep this week. Don't worry about the sickness. They are working on it and the worse thing that could happen is just going home a bit early. That would only be a tragedy for me.

Oh the goal, the goal! We are now one of two companionship's that haven't finshed it yet. The ending is at the end of this month. Our couple doesn't seem likely to go in time but we are doing everything we can. The Stake Presidency doesn't seem to know that they can reinstate him without approval from the First Presidency. You only need approval for extreme cases like raping a child, incest, or murder. President Sabey tried to talk to them but they still sent for help from the area authorities. We went out to Sofokrom this week to visit with a family who should be going to the temple this Friday but we will see. The man is a freaking bum who makes the wife do everything including providing for their six children. He just started making excuses about going the minute we got there. He does seem to want to go and the wife is pushing them so it should work out. All the arrangements have been made. They just need to push him out the door, onto the Tro Tro, and into the doors of the Temple. I feel bad for the wife but I think that the sealing will be the best thing for the marriage. We have one other backup but they don't go till the 24th of June, two days before the end of the goal. That is cutting it close and temple trips fail a lot here. I pray we won't have to hang all our hope on that one. Pray for us please! This goal is impossible without the Lord's help and we can use all the prayers we can get. I'm getting a little anxious being one of the last to finish but the Lord has come through for us every time before so I have no doubt he work some miracles. I just don't want to be that last minute miracle!

I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation. Soon I'll be planning for my own wedding then all of sudden I'll be planning for my daughters wedding. I hope it doesn't come too fast. I love you all and hope we don't meet too soon! I pray that it will be at the appointed time. Then all the prophecies in my most recent letter will be fulfilled!

Elder Harris
AKA The Candy Man

Well I've been out walking
I don't do that much talking these Days
These Days
These days I seem to think a lot about the things
That I forgot to do for you
And all the times I had the chance to

Well I had a lover
But it's so hard to risk another these days
These days
Now if I seem to be afraid to live the life
That I have made in song
Well its just that I've been losing
For so long

I'll keep on moving
Things are bound to be improving these Days
One of these days
These days I'll sit on cornerstones and count the time
In quarter tones to ten, my friend
Don't confront me with my failures
I have not forgotten them

These Days-Jackson Browne

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