Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dear Family,

This week has been the slowest week ever. The rain has been non-stop every single day and with a huge funeral going on right outside our apartment we really didn't do much. It was raining so hard yesterday nobody came to church. It felt a little bit weird with only 6 people in the congregation during the sacrament. Later on more people came but they were all from the funeral so they weren't members and they were only their because of tradition. Elder Agama taught the quorum class and I was sitting in the back while helping him answer stupid question after stupid question about our 'teachings.' Questions are great when they are asked for a good reason but these people were trying to prove why our religion is wrong. In our own chapel! I wasn't in a good mood that day.

The funeral started at 8 on Friday night and went until 8 on Saturday non-stop. The speakers were like 12 feet tall and the bass shook our house. Alcohol was everywhere and every once and a while a hysteric woman would come screaming her head off in our little courtyard. I really wanted to kill her. Now, I'm going to teach you how to do a basic Ghanaian dance:
Step 1: Lean forward and stick your butt out as far as it will go (note: you must have a 'bootay' to do this one)
Step 2: Lift your elbows up with your hands in a fist shape pointing at each other.
Step 3: Now shake your butt as hard as you can while moving your elbows back and forth in a rhythmic fashion.

Now picture a couple hundred people in a big circle dancing like this. It was fun to watch! I felt tempted to go out and be the only white guy dancing in the middle of all these Africans. It would have been a hilarious once in a life time opportunity where nobody would try to kill me. They would have loved it actually. Too bad I'm still a missionary and I have act like one. WHAT A DRAG.

So like I said we didn't do much this week. This is one heck of a boring area when you get down to it. Everything is exactly the same every singe day. It's gonna drive me insane eventually. Oh well that's life. We did have interviews in Fosu this week. I wrote a big long boring letter about it. It was one of the best personal experiences I've had here on mission though.

The best part of this week was my crazy dreams. In my first dream I was on a cruise ship in the Atlantic Ocean. I was in a small dance hall, dancing with a little retarded girl so I could get the attention of this really pretty girl. While I was thus engaged, there was a small evil man running around the ship doing devilish things. He was normal looking except for his eyes which were blood red. Just as I was finally dancing with the pretty girl, something makes the ship stop abruptly and we all fly forward. The devil man comes running out of a room and the whole ship lurches side ways. Blood started to poor from the room where I guess the devil man killed somebody. It was kind of like the scene from the Shining where blood pours out of the elevator. That's when I woke up!

The next dream was a lot better. I was a missionary on Disney Island where all the Disney characters (cartoon and real life) live after they retire from show biz. I was sitting at a computer emailing my mom at the Disney Internet Cafe, when two arms wrap around me from behind. I turn around and its some girl who I'm absolutely on love with. She's with two sisters and her parents. I look around at my companion who hasn't notice that I'm hugging girls and then at the computer. If my mom doesn't get an email she will be PISSED! So I turned around to finish the email and all of a sudden I'm at a table in the cafeteria of the Disney Hotel! The girl and her family are sitting near me with a bunch of Disney characters and my own parents. I was still concerned about the email so I got up to tell my mom that she wasn't going to get an Email that week but I was all of a sudden in the elevator of the hotel with the girl. The elevator kept shooting up and down at an amazing speed and I was getting pissed off so we got out at walked out of the hotel. Everybody had gathered at the west end of the Island near the sea shore (the Castle was in the middle of the island of course). Everybody started dancing and talking to each other but I was staring out at sea. Dark storm clouds were massing in the west and as I watched they were getting closer and closer. All of a sudden they were right on top of me and T-REX jumped from the clouds and started chasing people. It was definitely the same t-rex from Jurassic Park. I went running into a nearby shop and hid under a pile of stuff to escape the beast. Then the t-rex transformed into a big green dragon and flew off into the distance. I got up and sprinted out to a pile of rubble to see if Tiger was ok. Luckily he was still his bouncy old self.

Pretty random I know but I love dreams like this. They put me in a good mood when I wake up. lol

We haven't been farming for a couple weeks which has been a drag. Hopefully we will go tomorrow for our ward clerk, but the guy is kind of flaky. Nana Kojo's baptismal date is next Saturday but we still have to teach him some things. He is definitley ready so I'm confident he will show up. We still need the Lord's help though so we have been really praying hard for Him to help us accomplish the goal. If one person in the mission does not baptize a family, then we are all sunk. The funny thing is that I thought I was transfered here to accomplish the goal but if the four people who left Kumasi stayed there the goal would be complete. The Lord has a funny way of working sometimes. I hope one day I'll understand it.

It sounds like your trip was fun. One day I'd like to go hiking in Zion National Park. The place looks pretty sweet. Heat will never be a probablem for me again but the dry air will be. When I come home my face is going to crack in half. It's weird that your home already because It feels like no time has passed at all. First you were leaving, then you were on your way back, now your home.

Well that's all for now! I love you all very much. Hopefully things start to pick up this week. We have contacted a few people for the Football Finging goal but I don't know if they are serious yet. Keep on praying for me!

Love Elder Harris

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