Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Family,

So this week Ghana did beat the U.S. We didn't watch it of course but
we could hear everything. Cheers when they scored and complete silence
when the US scored. I told some kid that the Us would beat Ghana 2-1
but we failed. It was a blessing though because everyone was happy
instead of crushed. There was another funeral this Saturday (they were
wailing and moaning at 4 in the morning!) and they had huge speakers
right outside our window. When Ghana won everybody in the village came
running to the speakers and started dancing (I can't describe some of
it;). This time I couldn't contain myself and I ran out in my England
jersey and started dancing for a few seconds. They absolutely love it!

On Sunday we had a lot more people at church. When it rains IT RAINS
and nobody comes to church at but we had enough last week to function
properly. This branch seriously needs a lot of work. Everyone depends
on the missionaries to do everything: Clean, teach, bless. It is kind
of ridiculous. Elder Asiedu is getting fed up. I still love it here
compared to Asokwa. Yesterday, the branch president called me up to
bear my testimony at random. I got up and told everyone that last
night was very exciting but its ok because I am now a Ghanian. I'm
just like dad sometimes;)

This week we had a baptism with 5 candidates. Nana Kojo was so happy I
couldn't keep from laughing. He is now the second person I have helped
come into the fold on my entire mission. Nothing compares with the
happiness I felt as he joined his wife in the church. One day they
will go to the temple together and be sealed for all time and
eternity! It doesn't get more exciting then that. We are also
preparing to baptize a man named Amos and his son who is a Football
Contact. Our goal should be complete by the 17th of July if I don't
get transferred this week. I don't think I will. Elder Buah might
though cause he's been here for 7 and a half months!

Yes the rain kills our proselyting and often times we are forced to
stay in the house all day long:( Same with funerals because everybody
goes. People care more about the dead then the living! It's only
annoying because they make SOOO much noise! Same with that freaking
bell!!!!! Lol

So Jeremy is going to the musician's institute huh? That will be good
for him. He's going to have a lot of fun. Toy story was pretty sweet?
I haven't seen it yet;) I don't know if 4 extra dollars is worth it.
Do you keep the glasses?

This week I had a dream where all the missionaries in our zone were at
a Zone Conference. I was supposed to instruct but Elder Lewis, the AP
kept interrupting me. He had dark purplish skin, red eyes, and horns
on his head. Just he was interupting me again Sister Sabey goes into
labor and starts breathing in and out really fast. President Sabey was
so confused all he could do was stand up and say, "My wife is in
labor." Nobody was doing anything about it. Then I woke up!

Thanks for the package! I don't think President looks through packages
but something weird happened. It was pretty funny though! I did get
all the stuff I can use like the guitar tuner which is pretty sweet.
As for shaving, you can send me some razors. Sometimes I get lazy and
nobody seems to care here. I've been trying harder though. I look like
a bum today cause I haven't cut my hair in two transfers and I didn't
shave. P-days are my lazy day;) I just don't know where to get my hair
cut either! It's not too long yet:)

Well I'm out of time! Tell me if you want to know anything more about
my area. Its hard for me to remember sometimes when I get to the

I love you!
Elder Harris

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