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Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Family,

Today was probably one of the better days of my mission. We had an activity at Cape Coast where three zones played football and ultimate Frisbee on the beach. A bunch of my MTs were there including Elders Pinnell, Hadderlie, Thompson, and Holmes. Elder Akoki and Elder Adjeifio were also there and a bunch of others. Its weird because in Kumasi when somebody left it felt as if you would never see them again. Down here you get to see other zones all the time which is sweet. After the beach we went to the Cape Coast Castle. It was pretty sweet but I was with too many sarcastic missionaries who kind of ruined the whole feel of the place. I won't lie, I was one of them. At one point in the tour, we stepped into a room called the Condemned Chamber or something like that. It was stifling hot and completely dark and was only about 15ft by 20 ft big, if that! I don't think I've ever stepped in a place where so many people were chained up in the dark until they died with no food or water. The whole place felt cold and empty to me.

I'm finding that life in Achiese never changes. Nothing crazy ever happens! It's kind of boring.

The World Cup began this week in South Africa! Whenever it is on, I can hear the fly buzzing sound of the match throughout the village. You can't go anywhere without hearing about it. So far everyone in the mission has kept his or her commitment of not watching any football but it is not easy. The first time I heard that buzzing sound it seemed to pull at me saying, "Come and watch! It's only a few minutes and nobody would ever find out. And besides if they do, maybe you can go home." The last thought snapped me out of it. Why would I wan't to go home? Even if I did there are a lot easier ways to do it then to bring the shame of the entire mission on me! Satan is working hard against us because he knows that completing this goal will lift us up to a new plane and will help us become more powerfull in our fight against him.

This Sunday, our investigator Brother Amos came to church with his son. This was exciting for me because that didn't happen in Asokwa ever. Brother Nana Kojo, our candidate for the family goal also came with his daughter and we taught him about the restoration. He believes firmly that this is the true church of Christ and will be baptized, joining his wife in the church. I can't begin to tell you how sweet that is! This man will soon join his wife in the holy temple and together they will be sealed for all time and eternity, never to be parted, ever. What a wonderful blessing that will be in their lives! I know that their children will also begin to become interested in the church and some, if not all, will join and also be sealed with their family. That makes me happy! Frick that makes me happy. Mission is not about success, but it is freaking awesome when it does come.

The football finding goal has started pretty slow for us. A bad case of runny tummy has pretty much knocked me out for a few days. I had a headache yesterday which scared me but it went away so I didn't call Sister Sabey. I'm feeling better today so I think it will be fine. The people that we did manage to contact weren't very serious so thats a drag. Its all right though cause we still have most of the month to contact. Oh how I hate contacting. Every missionary that has every lived knows how sucky it really is to contact random people on the streets or in their homes all day. It just doesn't work that well! Oh well, the Lord will provide. At least its a lot better then Kumasi! Sorry Harrison! Don't worry though I called him this week and he told me not to worry cause he's gonna BAPTIZE people there. I just said oh yeah sure! lol

World Cup Update:

I think Mexico Tied South Africa, I'm not sure if France or Uruaguy won their match

Argentina 1-0 over Nigeria, South Korea 2-0 over Greece, England 1-1 with the US (Oh yeah)

I'm not sure about Algeria and Serbia, Ghana 1-0 over Serbia, Germany crushed Australia 4-0

Screams filled the village as Ghana became the first African Team to win a World Cup match on African soil! That's pretty sweet but I still want to see the US go farther then Ghana. Then I can give it to everybody!

I have every match written into my planner so we can know when to contact. President also sends us the scores every evening (most of the time) and those who scored. That makes it a little bit easier and it also lets us know how to talk with members and investigators.

I hope St George is sweet!

Well that's it for now. I'm going to try putting pics on a Dvd today. I've got a good pic of Elder Adjefio and I having fun on a canon! You'll see it soon:)

Love Elder Harris

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