Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, December 27, 2010


Talking to you guys was sweet. It's a weird thing that we are 1/3 done
with the calls part. Mother's day will come very soon.

Yesterday I went to bed and got up around 8 and just felt horrible. I
don't know if i've ever been so sleep deprived in my life. It was the
second night of little sleep and I was not the guy to screw with (even
talk to) on Sunday. Church was OK and Jennifer came to church! It was
good to see her and It seems like when she is there, there is some
kind of struggle going on inside of her. I'm not really sure what's
going on in there but I intend on finding out on Wednesday.

Life is pretty sweet here. This week we have like 3 ward and stake
parties to go to so that will be different. This seems to be the week
to party here in Kumasi.

Today we had a Red-red party here in Bantama. Red-red is like beans
and other stuff mixed together with red oil and fried plantain. It
would have been sweet if I hadn't eaten a huge thing of Fu-fu with
goat meat just an hour before. I was suffering today. We are still
here in Bantama so pray I'm able to get home tonight.

Well I love you all! It was nice hearing your voices but it's also
hard hanging up. We will meet soon though! Grandma asked me what I
would want to eat at next Christmas because everybody was complaining
about not having potatoes. I can't even remember what I liked back

Till next week,
Love Elder Harris

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