Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear Family,

I'm here in Elder Holmes area to email. It's been a pretty grueling day but I don't want to talk about it. I'll just say that we played football with the Sunyani Elders and I actually played pretty well. I'm really not good at all though.

This past week has been pretty crazy for us. We haven't had too much time to proselyte but we have been working. We had a bunch of activities to go to in Abuakwa, Bantama, and Dichemso. The first was an all day young single adult activity where the missionaries had their own team. We owned everybody in every sport they could come up with. I don't know about the other wards but we did get closer to our members that day and we had a lot of investigators come. One, named Frank, was looking at a painting of Jesus Christ getting baptized and was asking me questions about it. On Friday we went to a stake activity in Dichemso and enjoyed for the new year. Some of us couldn't help not dancing a little bit for the whole crowd of members (in a well lit room, with no one of the opposite sex, lol). They loved it of course and even encouraged us. I don't feel any guilt for it at all because it wasn't inappropriate in any way but we got in a little bit of trouble with President and now he's a tad bit angry at us. Interviews should be interesting for us, haha. Oh well, you make mistakes and you learn from them.

On Saturday we had our branch party at the chapel. It was insane first of all, everyone was packed into the main courtyard in the front of the chapel, where they had music and games. The missionaries were asked to come in from outside and make themselves comfortable at a table so we did not to offend. We sat down and of course they bring us big bowls of the worst fu fu i've ever had with goat soup and meat. It was placed in front of us but we didn't want to eat in front of everyone so we decided (me, holmes, jaggi, and rogers) that we would take the fu fu to someone else and start helping the members dish out food. Well we didn't realize that they fed us first on purpose (why i don't know) and as we tried to hand the food off to other people they refused to take it and instead of looking like the kind missionaries we were trying to be, we just looked like idiots and probably offended everybody. So we sat down and ate the terrible fu fu (which had a delicious side of goat meat and intestines). Afterwards, they finally let us serve by collecting the bottles for the minerals everyone was drinking. This was pretty sweet, but after a while more and more people were coming in (many of whom were drunk and not members) and they started treating us like we were servers at a restaurant! I firmly told these people that we aren't servers and I didn't have any clue why food hadn't been brought to them. I also refused their request for guiness and other alcoholic drinks. Finally I got fed up and retreated into the apartment. Only a couple of my investigators had come and most of the others there were drunk, or just there for food. It was so confusing that I didn't feel comfortable contacting them. Over all it was fun, but I was way tired on Sunday.

This week we had that conversation with Jennifer that I told you about last week. It went pretty well and she said she had told the pastor that she would be leaving his church. He was mad and said that she couldn't because it would make him look bad to his regional overseers. He doesn't care about her salvation at all! Well, she showed us her seriousness by not coming to church and I was really sad. Hopefully it was just the rush of the season and everything will cool down soon. I really do have great hopes for her.

We are also reading the book of Mormon as a mission. It's a little more then 2 pages a day but it doesn't matter how much as long as you get the spirit from it. We are reading 9 pages a day to finish by the end of February. Our focus is on Christ and everything we can learn about him. It will be a sweet start to the new year and the spiritual boost I really really need right now.

Well I'm happy your new years was awesome. Sitting around doing nothing and not feeling bad about it sounds awesome. I'll have to do some of that when I get back. The dog sounds sweet and her warmth would be awesome in the mornings here because I've been freezing my but off in the Hamatan mornings. Well I love you all but I'm out of time.

I miss you a lot, freak, too much sometimes.
Love, Drew

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