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Monday, January 10, 2011

Hey Family!

I'm in the Vodaphone Cafe today so I'm gonna upload some pictures! Yay! The first one is a pic of me doing stuff I'll never do on mission again! The next is me flying into action against evil at a baptism! The last one is me with the Kiffer's. This was their last P-day before they go home on Thursday. We sang them a song and gave them a card and picture today. We will miss them a lot since they pretty much keep Kumasi running. I'm not sure what will happen without them. I know what you might be thinking: Ghana has really made Elder Harris look like Shiz. It's true! I look pretty beat up but that's OK. One day I'll be able come home and hopefully start to look normal again, lol.

This week has been pretty sweet. I've made some more reforms in my life that has made it easier for me to feel the spirit. I've decided that I'm going to work my butt off for the next 9 months and sprint to the finish line. At our interviews President Sabey already gave me the sprint to the finish talk. In my head I thought, "well, president, I'm only on the third lap and you don't really sprint on the third lap," but I didn't say that. In fact the third lap is the hardest lap of all but I'm not going to think about that either. Let's just stick with the work your butt off for the next 9 months. That's what I'm going to do and thats why this week has been pretty sweet. Now that the holidays are over everything is going back to normal. The traffic isn't so bad. People are at home. We had a good 5 new investigators and many of them are good ones. Brother Emmanuel agreed to be baptized on the 30th and we are now teaching his sister and a good friend of his. 4 investigators came to church yesterday and Emmanuel came to a baptism our companions had. I'm afraid we are very close to either baptizing or dropping sister Jennifer. This week I'm going to sit her down and really ask her what she really wants. If she wants to join Jesus Christ's church then we can help her out.

I had a crazy dream this week. I was in a cultural hall in Bantama and there was this receptionist there behind this desk. I was in between him and a big ping pong table, playing with this big fish pokemon kind of disdang. It was taller then me and was weakened for some reason. It kept running into me while I pushed it back playfully. At one point I grabbed it and threw it behind the receptionist who with a bewildered look told me that the thing was trying to kill me. It had razor sharp teeth and now gained back it's full strength. I ran out side away from it but now I was running in slow motion and couldn't get away. Just as it was about to catch me, I looked back and it had turned into a big octopus with a big giant smile on it's head. Then everything went blank and I assume I was dead.

Well I know this is short but my mind is really blanking out on me right now:( I have to refer you to Elder Roger's cause I know he's typed a lot. I want you to know that I love you all. Next week I'll try to do better. The last picture is Elder Hernandez and the Kiffers!

Love Elder Harris

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