Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear Family,

I'm kicking it in Asuoyeboah with Elder Holmes and Jaggi. We just finished another uplifting District Meeting and we've come to the cafe to email. Yesterday, Elder Vancherie and Elder Bahme came down from Sunyani to visit some members so we just rolled around with them in Brother Simon's hatchback. They got mad at me when I called it a van and they gave it to me very well. Sorry if I'm not as smart as the all mighty Sunyani Elders. Never knew there was a difference. I guess the back of a hatchback is different from a van, hence the name "hatchback." We visited a bunch of people and then ate Jollof at brother Francis' place. It was a pretty good day.

We had a pretty sweet week except for the fact that everybody is sick from the Hamatan. It's really really dry and there is tons of dust everywhere. The dust is the only bad part. It just gets into head and won't come out. We all have sinus problems and colds. I don't sweat though! We went on splits with the Zone Leaders on Wednesday. Elder Mackay is pretty sweet. He's in Elder Lehr's group and they are both from Vegas. We walked the crap out of him but our appointments were great. We taught Emmanuel, his Sister, and now his cousin George. One by one the whole house is getting more interested in why we are there. Emmanuel is still set for getting baptized on the 30th and he even brought a friend to church on time for the Sacrament. Everytime he talks about the church is calls it our church. I'm really excited for him. Unfortunately we didn't get to see Jennifer at all and her attitude seems to have changed a lot since she started her business. It is far easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle then to baptize a hair girl. They are always too busy and never serious. Everytime we go there now I walk away heavy with anxiety for her but there's only so much we can do for her. I now know how Jacob felt in the Book of Mormon. Frank said he was sick and couldn't come to church, but we did teach him a great lesson on the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. John doesn't seem to care all that much. We have a young referral named Helen coming to church but we'll see if she's still serious once Mike, our branch missionary, leaves for school. I think she will be. We also have another family but the husband, Kingsford is pretty stubborn. He made a promise to come to church if we came to pick him, so we did and his excuse for not coming was that he didn't have clothes for church. I'm pretty sure he would have known that when he made the promise but I'm sure he never meant to come at all. His wife told us that he hasn't been to any church for over five years. We will see what we can do for him.

So all in one email, you mentioned homemade macaroni and cheese, in & out burgers and fries, tri-tip stake, and steamy baked potatoes. This week I ate egg sandwiches, some fu fu (some freaking good fu fu), bread and butter, fried rice and some coke. I do need a nice big meal!

Transfer news comes next Monday. Elder Rogers and I have been together for three transfers but I won't be surprised if we go one more. 6 months is usually the minimum for staying in an area here but you never know. I'm getting a little bit tired of the area, especially the traffic, but my companion is sweet. I can't complain at all. I just don't want to be in a leadership position that's all. I just want to proselyte.

All right, I need to get back to my area. I love you all!

Elder Harris

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