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Monday, January 24, 2011


Hey! What's happening?

I'm in Bantama today after a long busy P-Day where we played plenty of games till our football exploded. It was a lot of fun anyway. Everybody was there which was sweet cause I might never see any of them again!

I've been transferred to Sekondie which is just next to Takoradi down south! I'm excited to be with my MT Elder Hadderlie. He's a funny little kid from Wyoming but I love that guy. It's just what I need right now to get back into being a missionary. I love Abuakwa but I've been pretty tired in the area. It happens sometimes. If President Sabey were to hear something like that, he would say something like, "well, what would have happened if Jesus Christ said he was tired in the garden of Gethsemane." Frick! It's not easy! I'm trying though;)

This week we had a few crazy things happen. Mr. Sprinkles, the mouse we found on Christmas, made a reappearance. I was walking into the kitchen at about 10 and when I switched on the light, he went scurrying out of the sink! I spent an hour and a half hunting him down before he managed to break through my towel barrier by the door. He got away! I was so mad but luckily I managed to find a couple mouse traps in a closet which I loaded with peanut butter which I got from Grandma. That prideful mouse decided he wanted to come back to the kitchen for some more sink food but along the way he smelled something better. Hey what's this, sniff sniff, WHACK. I WIN ONE TO NOTHIN! Up yours Mr Sprinkles!

Before I forget again, Elder Hill was a freaking sweet dude. I never heard him play but I heard he is pretty legit on the guitar. He's into the Shins and a lot of stuff I really liked. You should send a message for me through all those people. Tell him Elder Harris loves him and misses him! Haha, that's funny you ran into him.

The Saunders are the Office Couples for the mission. They are in charge of all the money and other stuff. They are really cool. The Hamatan is going away a little bit and it even rained really hard last night. I hope the rainy season comes soon so we can enjoy.

This week Elder Rogers and I were walking through a shady graveyard on our way to an investigators place. As we were walking we ran into a bunch of rasta guys who were smoking weed. One of them called out, "Hey, a real California Nigga!" I was a little surprised. I don't remember ever meeting this guy but he knew I was a California nigga! He then asked us where we were going and I said, "Well, we niggas are going down there!" and I pointed the way we were going. That's when they all got up and came over. Oh man. Luckily this is Ghana and they were high out of their minds. They asked us if we wanted to smoke weed and we said no way, lol. That's when I told them that they need to repent in a loud voice! They all agreed and we went on our way. Not long afterward this drunk guy started talking to us and wouldn't go away. We had an appointment so I told him Yenko, Let's go. So he followed us for a good two miles just talking nonsense even when we contacted a few people. He told this one contact that he was a madman but the guy seemed to understand he wasn't with us. At one point Elder Rogers started singing (he's learned from me) Don't worry! About a thing! Cause every little thing is gonna be all right! The drunk guy loved that, and pretty soon all three of us were singing Bob Marley. We finally escaped by crossing the road, dodging traffic as we went. The drunk guy was too wasted to get across! Sorry!

It's been in the 80's at least for the last 15 months here! I should be right on the coast so I'll see the ocean again!

So I'm gonna go pack! I'm going to miss Kumasi but it's time for a change. It's sad cause I won't be here for Emmanuel's baptism, but that's Ok. I'll meet him again. I may never see this place again! You never know though. My new area, Kojokrom, is supposed to be way sweet so I'm stoked. Hadderlie is also one of my bro's from the Mtc! I'll miss Elder Rogers though. There's a special thing you have between Father's and Son's. I love my Father Akoki and my son Rogers! Elder Rogers is going to enjoy with a french man named Elder Yapo from The Ivory Coast.

Well I love you all! Next week I'll be in a different place! Bye Bye!

Elder Harris

Ps. 6 more transfers!

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