Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear Family,

I decided to send you some pictures today. Elder Haderlie's parents got his travel info and he'll be flying into Salt Lake then Idaho. He'll have a four hour layover in New York. Elder Lehr goes home next week. I feel so freaking weird all the time. I hate it a little bit.I just wish I could forget about it and go to work, but hey that's freaking hard. I can only imagine how my companion feels. He could train after I go home and I don't think he thinks he is ready. I know he is ready even though he's still learning. That would sure help him grow up fast. He's doing very well but I feel like he's doing what I did. That is just letting me pull him along. He's trying to be better especially after we talked about it but it's hard to shake that feeling with your trainer that he's the one in charge.

My mind is a little bit all over the place. I'm tired as well. Last Thursday we had a meeting with the Area doctor Elder Fife. He taught us all the dangers of getting malaria and that the medication used to kill it once you get it is becoming less affective as the bug gets stronger. He told us that an Elder who just had two months to go home died because the medication wasn't working. He said that he was from Accra and never took his Doxy. Well I didn't realize that the time he had left would make him my Mt and you could imagine my surprise when I found out it was my MTC companion Elder Nkrumah. There were four in my room at the MTC: Elder Jeppesen, me, Elder Nkrumah, and Elder Jeppesen's companion. Now both Elder Jeppesen's companion and my companion are dead. Well I'm trying really hard to make sure I don't get malaria because that room is CURSED! All I could do was sort of chuckle when I heard the news. I didn't know him too well but I feel sorry for his family who weren't members. He was a great guy to be sure. Now I guess I'll never have to send him those MTC pics he asked for.

We have been getting steady referrals every week for the past few weeks. Some of them are really good and prepared and I have great hope for some baptisms. Yesterday we taught one girl who stays in the house of a member family. She came to church last week and seems really interested. Eric is progressing as well. He came to church again yesterday and he has a date set for September. His only problem is I can see he is bored at church and really I can't blame him because the members here just read straight from the manuals for their talks. It drives me crazy but I don't really know how to address it. I just hope that he continues to build his faith on the Book of Mormon. Everything else will follow.

Well I wish I had more to report but I don't. We are working and I'm tired but still going. My companion will remember me for working till the end. I'm obedient and I'm taking my doxy and sleeping in my net. Porcha is teaching me to crochet now. It's a pain to learn but I'm getting better at it. Mom's present for her birthday will be better then anything I'll bring home for people. Just know that it was made with love and a lot of effort on the part of my recent convert. I don't even know what part of it is yet but you should be excited.

I love you all and wish you the best for the coming week. Let me know if you get my travel plans. I would like to know if we are all going to New York or not. If they separate us I'll be super pissed. Ta ta Mi Amigos!

Elder Harris

Look on the flip side
It could have gone real bad
The way I see this thing
It worked out all the better
The better best anyhow
And you know that you're so very precious to me
You know you're so high-class

Now I need to clear a few things up
I need to get my head clear
Need to clear the air

Should be clear I'm a cold, hard killer
Who's sophisticated with a touch of high-class
A heart-breaker bringing death by sexy
A lady-killing mama in a rock n' roll band

Even though I am a black-hearted devil, honey
I must admit you're really under my skin
But nothing's going on between us
If he thinks it is then I would feel so bad
But nothing's going on between us
If he thinks it is then I would feel so bad

Eagles Goth- Eagles of Death Metal

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