Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dear Family,

Today we played football against some of the members from Takoradi and Sekondie. We played all right but they scored us three times at the end. Last week I was rocking the middle part and this week I came to the game with what I call the golden spike. I pushed all hair forward into a spike of golden hair at the front. Yeah I rocked it. It's fun having hair. Too bad I'm shaving it down to a one the week before I come.

Yesterday we had our ward conference and the theme was "The Eternal Blessings of Marriage." None of our investigators came and we have moved our September 10th baptism to October 1rst. They are all too sketchy right now. I need to know they will come and stay forever before I'll even consider baptizing them. I'm in on hurry and if they don't get in the water before I leave I'm fine with that. Some would think it needs to be as soon as possible. Not so when they aren't ready.

Lately its been raining a lot. It's a pain because it doesn't come down heavily then stop and you know it's done. Instead it sort of mists all the time and you never know when your going to get beat by the rain. None of my shoes are waterproof anymore but it hasn't stopped us. We still make the appointments we set despite the rain, horribly muddy roads, and sleeping investigators. Rain just puts everyone asleep here but they are afraid to death of it and won't go out so its a good time to catch people in their homes.

The conference was sweet. I was hoping they would try to motivate people to try and get married but instead they just scared the crap out of everyone by talking about how careful we need to be in choosing a partner because you know if you choose wrong you will be in eternal sorrow... I had my mouth open a little bit. Everything he said was true but the way he brought it will just discourage them even more. Yeah you have to choose wisely but you have to move forward with faith as well. Oh well I'm glad I live in America.

I have four more emails before I go home! I'm calm and relaxed about it now...on the outside. On the inside I'm terrified of leaving my friends behind. Some are those I helped bring into the church and the idea of leaving them to face life alone is not easy. I have faith though and as long as they have a firm testimony they will stay. I give them motivation by telling them the only way you will be able to meet me again is by enduring. Maybe I'll be able to come back again some day but who knows when that will be! By then everything may change especially since those I'm closest with are about my age. Oh well this is all part of the work. I have better, more important work ahead.

I like the walrus story! It's been a long time since I've seen a walrus.

I'm out of time! I love you though and I'm glad your anniversary was sweet. Pretty soon it will be 50 years...!!

Love Elder Harris

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