Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear Mother,

Yeah my shoes would have been toast without the boots. They are starting to fall apart but I'll make them live with glue! I'm glad I don't have to worry about the school stuff. The date's look right to me now. I can see where the mistake came from too. Oh well I'll deal with it then. I believe the deadline it December 1 or something.

I'm glad the wedding was sweet. I hope the best for Claire and her new husband. Where will they live? In Utah or what?

This week has been somehow busy compared to last week. We now have plenty of people to teach but many are dropping off because they aren't really interested. They are so full of smiles during the first visit! We have also run into some pretty crazy people too. You meet all sorts of people when you go house to house, hill to hill. I now know Kojokrom like the back of my hand. We go everywhere and explore just to see what we can find.

We have met some really good people. Brother Eric came to church this Sunday! The rain clouds were looming and he missed the Sacrament but at least he tried! Porcha gave a sweet talk and really gave it to people who show up late and miss the Sacrament. I feel like Eric is really doing what is necessary to know our message is true. If he continues he will gain a testimony and I hope to have a baptism during the first week of September. That would be really sweet. There are also a couple of others that may progress by then too.

Elder Eriabie is opening up a lot. Like I said, he's not shy, just a little bit quite. He's figuring out the local humor and what Ghanaian's like to talk about. His teaching is improving and we are doing well to prepare for each lesson. I kind of feel like I'm preparing the area for him to take over in October. I'm working harder then I ever have during my whole mission, including my first months with Elder Akoki. I also feel like it has been rather effective work, rather then pointless stuff. The Lord is already blessing us for our efforts. I plan to sprint so that I don't come home a lazy sack of trash like some I know and love. Haha, they would know I was talking about them too!

I'm glad your going to take a couple weeks off from work. I don't know what will be going on to tell you the truth. I guess I'll have to get some work, lol. I'll probably be all on fire to get life moving. I also know that Elder Vancherie has invited us all to come with him to Lake Powell on the twentieth. I would need about $150 plus gas money to get there. Let me know how you feel about that. It would only be for a couple days. It would be a lot of fun but I'm not really sure I even want to go. That's enough about home. That stuffs doesn't feel real anyway. As for Jeremy I need him to help me record a few songs I wrote out here. I'm hoping he's willing to work with me to write out what's floating around inside my head. I'm also hoping James will be around but I know he might be headed up North for school. Maybe he'll come back for the holidays. Some of the stuff can only be played by him. Nobody else could quite fit the part.

Well I'm running out of time. Sorry it was so short. Here's something I've been working on. The second verse still needs work but I'm on it:

Hello, bloodshot eyes
Another day in the revelry, under blue skies
Got to find some new friends
Run around in your dirty shoes
It aint the same but it aint different
And we can't lose

Hanah went up then I shot her down
There's no real sense in running around

Hello, good afternoon
A greater overused set of words
Has never been this used
Get a rush from the trends
Spin around n'with a whipcrack
Your staring at the sun from the ground
Where you found life had put you down

Hanah went up then I shot her down
There ain't no use in Running around

It's based on that crazy dream with the dogs and the balloons. The chorus is at least.

I love you!
Elder Harris

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