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Monday, March 29, 2010


Dear Family,

So we've had a pretty good week as far as Asokwa goes. Yesterday we had a man by the name of Acheampong come to church with three of his sons. His brother was a member who just passed away. Its pretty awesome because if he joins the church then there will be a very good chance his wife will too and our part of the goal will be finished. It was just cool to have investigators at church though.

We are planning to have a monster baptism on May 16th for at least twelve people. Elder Lehr and Clements have been working with a bunch of people who are really starting to progress. Add Brother Acheampong's family and that will just be an awesome day. Pray for us in Asokwa cause this sort of thing just DOESN'T happen here.

This week Elder Ekaette and I returned from a hard day's work to find Elder Lehr and Clements huddled over the carcass of a dead chicken. I asked what the heck was going on and they said they had killed the chicken earlier in the afternoon. I had to see the video before I believed it. It took Elder Lehr six smacks with a crappy knife to finally get the chicken's head off! I couldn't believe they did that just on a whim. The chicken is delicious though!

So theres not much going on here besides the baptisms. We had a guy give it to me for how the white man has treated Africa. He was talking about how we came to take all the people as slaves and how the USA still holds Ghana as a slave nation. I was somewhere between laughing and smacking him in the face. He really doesn't know anything. At the end of this rant we asked him how he felt about the message and he said he really likes it and will join the church. My first thought: FORGET IT. Of course he didn't come to church the next day.

We had a pretty fun day in Bantama today for PDAY. Elder Lewis is the new AP and is a super cool guy. I guess Pday at Bantama really died after he left so he's trying to fix it. We played Volleypong, Volleyball, and Football. I even took the opportunity to run a work out. I feel pretty awesome right now. I really haven't had enough excersice over the past few months. So now were here in the Cafe with the Aps looking over our shoulders, how fun!

My big 6 MONTHS is coming up on Friday! Holy SMOKES! There is no time here on mission. It really feels just like one long day where weeks fly by like nothing. If I'm not carefull, next thing I know I'll be 31 with 4 kids and a mini van. Thats a scary thought.

All I'll say for you Mom is I feel sorry for your situation. I really was the MOST humble one in the house! Don't worry I'll come home soon and we'll tone down the awesomeness!

Well I'm glad you think I'm growing cause this would be one major waste of time if I wasn't! I really know it isn't though and I love being here. I will share with you what I wrote in a letter last night: When I get off the plane at LAX I'm going to get down and kiss the ground!

So I'm really short on time today. Elder Ekaette has a ton of laundry to do and so do I. I HATE IT SO MUCH....

I really love you guys a lot. Don't worry next week I'll have more time for you all. Hopefully I'll have more interesting stuff to talk about with you!:)


Elder Harris

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