Elder Harris, Portia and Gordella

Monday, March 15, 2010


Dear Family,

Elder Akoki is gone like I said. He misses Asokwa a lot (I'm willing to bet its mostly about his sheepfold). We always talked about how President Sabey was just gonna give us a bunch of money to go North and establish the church like the sons of Mosiah. We would buy a tro tro to make money while some of us would look for a new apartment to live in. One day the scattered Asokwa apartement will be reunited and we will all journey into the North for a seven year mission!

I've recovered from the malaria again. Let's just hope it doesn't come back again. Sometimes even the meds they give us don't work the first time and the bacteria just hides in you for a couple weeks before coming back. How fun! I tried to send Dad my sick bed picture. Now I'm back to work but I still feel week from time to time. Just keep praying for me.

So these past couple weeks have been kind of hard. My companion is a wonderfull guy but we are so different. We are just trying to work things out. Its hard for him coming from such a great area to a place where there were 26 people in sacrament meeting, 400 less actives, no home teaching program, and zero investigators coming to church. I know we'll be able to work through it though. I learned the hard way that when you get in an argument with your companion, you CAN'T teach. So I'm trying to learn patience, a trait i've always struggled with.

I can't express how much I appreciate the opportunity to be here in Ghana. Going on a mission isn't about having 'success' as a missionary; rather it is about learning to be more like my Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ. Its about learning how to be a good leader, husband, and father. I could really care less about how many baptisms I get the privelege to be a part of. Elder Holland said something that really hit me at our mission conference. He said that EVERY good thing that has ever happened to him came because of his decision to serve a mission. So even though mission can be hard sometimes, I'm going to enjoy myself as I work for the Lord. I love being a missionary.

We are having another special Zone Conference with a general authority this week. His name is Elder Dickson. I think he is one of Elder Cardon's counselors. It should be pretty sweet though! If its not, well at least we get fed...jk

I can't believe this is the sixth month of my mission either. Its so weird how fast time is going. I just hope it slows down a bit when I get back. I don't want the good times in life to go by too fast. Even though I know they will no matter what I do.

We are starting to work on the new goal hard core. President Sabey told us that he already knows what the new goal is going to be and its gonna come before the end of this currant goal so we need to hurry. The Lord really knows how to get us working. We are teaching four or five families which is really sweet. During my whole mission we haven't taught a full family and it has been a great experience. I don't think I've ever felt the spirit at strong as when I answer the surprizingly deep questions of an eleven year old. Its going to be sweet to see some of these families embrace the gospel. The importance of the family is probably the greatest thing I am learning on my mission and everything I do is for the benefit of my own future family. It think thats why this goal feels so important to me.

I'm glad my room is coming around. I'm really learning to love the color red so don't worry about that. However you decide to do my room will be cool for me. It will be heaven for me when I come home. Are you getting rid of my mattress? I've only had it almost my entire life:)

I will never eat pizza again in Ghana.

So Enid is moving to Bountiful huh? Well send her my love. I'm not sure if she got the email I sent to Dad but if not just tell her I'm thinking about her. Salut everyone in the ward for me. I love and miss everyone there.

Thank you so much trying to send that camera. My companion loves pictures (in fact all Africans do). But he also doesn't have any money and he can't get one from home. His family doesn't even write to him.

I can't wait to hear about this amazing story you are talking about. It better be good if I have to wait for the mail to get here. I hope its quick:) I'm still waiting for the shirts and stuff.

Ok I've got to run! I love you BYE!:)

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