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Monday, March 1, 2010


Good Afternoon,

So this week has been pretty crazy and full of change. Change sucks, but its part of growing so I guess I should just DEAL WITH IT.

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to shake hands and look into the eyes of an Apostle of Jesus Christ. It felt kind of like I was being turned inside out and examined, but it was still pretty awesome. It was funny though cause when my hand started to leave Elder Hollands I automatically tried to do that African snap thing I'm so used to doing all the time. I walked away thinking: Man, I'm such an IDIOT!

All right it wasn't that bad. Last tuesday we had an extremely rare mission conference with President Cardon of our area presidency and his counselor (I forget his name). President Snow of the Presidency of the Seventy also spoke and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Twelve apostles.

All of these men bore powerful testimony and gave uplifting words of advice and comfort all without notes. Elder Holland himself spoke for an hour and twenty minutes. I can't describe the feeling that man can bring to a room full of missionaries. My favorite thing he said was: "If you don't think a mission matters, just look at me. Every good thing that has happened to me has come because of my decision to be a missionary." He also told us that unless you want to be hog tied with a boot in your throat don't come to him saying you want to come home. He was pretty funny. I've never been more ready to die in the service of my God then after Elder Holland finished speaking and he blew a kiss to the missionaries as he left. Both Elder Pinnell and I caught it in the air at the exact same time (We are so freaking weird)! I'm extremely gratefull for the opportunity to meet him and listen to him speak. Not many missionaries will get that opportunity!

So my trainer Elder Akoki has been transfered to Takaradi near the coast. It was hard to say goodbye to him but I'm making it through. My new companion is named Elder Ekaette from Nigeria. He is a small guy with a lot of faith. I'm gaining a whole new perspective on missionary work now that I'm the one who has to schedule everything and keep us working. I'm stressed out but I'll be ok. At least I'm not training. I figure we will both grow a lot since we both had different trainers and we can now share our experience. I'm not gonna lie, my patience is being put to the test. I'm trying, I promise!

So I'm healthy and well now. We all met up today in the same restuarant we ate at a couple weeks ago and I felt sick to see the pizza's come out. I don't think I will eat one in Ghana again.:(

So I've got a ton of pictures coming; around 700 or so. I just need to get them on a DVD and mail them. Hopefully by next Monday they will be on the way. As for the pills you gave me, I'm trying to remember to take them lol. I'll try harder. Don't worry I still have a lot! I do really need my patriarchal blessing. If you can get another copy that would be great. I think if you call the partriarch, he may still have a copy. Thank you much.

The rain is starting to come more often so THAT'S EXCITING! Nothing else thats really new is going on. Elder Holland gave us a warning saying that our mission is not too difficult, it is too easy. That's not the case here in Asokwa and its gonna be a huge transition for Elder Ekaette. Sorry for him, we're used to it. The ward is starting to get into a better shape. Theres still no home teaching in ALL of Kumasi but we are working on it.

I'm sorry If I'm falling behind in my letters home. I've just been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BUSY... All right maybe thats not the full truth, I've just been getting lazy. We all have the time but its the energy thats hard to find. I'll try harder:)

SO thats all for now! Hope you're all having a wonderfull day in Beautifull Sunny California (or dreary UTAH, Sorry...). I'm still having a blast here in Kumasi. Just pray I'll be able to get along with my new companion!

Buh Bye for now!
Love, Elder Harris

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